Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 269

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Chapter 269


This scene shocked Cuiping and Shen Ling.

Especially, when they saw that the person kicking the door turned out to be Zhou Xian, they got more shocked.

“Zhou Xian, what’s the matter with you? His face is so ugly?”

“Are you too tired? Sit down and have a rest!”

Cuiping and daughter looked at Zhou Xian’s ugly expression, and they got stunned and quickly persuaded him.

It’s just that their words were just uttered!


Zhou Xian slapped Shen Ling on the face.

He was mad, his eyes flushed, and roared:

“It’s all because of your family! Because of that bullsh!t, Shaun, I lost my job and ruined my future. he personly talked to Mr. Lin and fired me!”


These words like a blast of thunder made Cuiping and Shen Ling completely confused.

Shen Ling clutched her hot cheeks, she asked with unbelievable concern:

“Zhou Xian, what are you talking about? You are the chief physician of this hospital, and you are the youngest one. How Mr. Lin can fire you!”

Hearing this!

Zhou Xian also calmed down completely.

He sat decadently on the edge of the bed, clutching his hair fiercely, hating and mad:

“Shaun did it! He found our Boss Lin and complained about us, and I got fired!”


This sentence caused the anger in Cuiping and Shen Ling’s hearts to surge instantly.

“Shaun, this bastard!” Shen Ling gritted her teeth with hatred.

And Cuiping on the side screamed:

“No! This thing can’t be forgotten! Let’s go! You follow me back to Shen’s house, and I must tear that Shaun alive!”

That’s it!

Cuiping left the ward in a hurry with Shen Ling and Zhou Xian!

They want to sue!

We will use the power of the Shen family to make Shaun unable to go out of his house!

For Zhou Xian, Shaun is nothing at all.

In his eyes, he is just a reptile, nothing more.

At this moment Shaun has already left the Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital with Gao Zhiyuan under the escort of Dean Mike and others.

Paula has Mike and others to take care of, so Shaun has nothing to worry about, but what he is now puzzled about is Gao Zhiyuan:

“Old man, to whom are you taking me to meet?”

Just now!

Gao Zhiyuan said that someone wants to see him.

But he did not reveal the identity of the other party.

“Mr. Lin, this person’s status is extraordinary, and you have a life-saving grace for him!”

“Originally, he wanted to come here to thank you personally, but things were not that way to make it possible!”

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