Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 302

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Chapter 302

The bodyguards stood on one side, taking pictures of the dragon and snake array, protecting the safety of the old man.

With his crutches, the old man walked quickly to the ward where Faith was.

Followed by all the sons and daughters-in-law.

The door of the ward was suddenly kicked open, Jacob frowned. Fearing that Faith, who was asleep, was awakened, Jacob covered Faith’s ears with his hands.

This action was seen by the old lady and a few uncles and aunts who entered the house, and it was almost on the spot of Petrochemical.

In their impression, Jacob is an iceberg, cold-hearted towards everyone.

“Jacob, what are you doing?” Jacob’s mother walked up angrily.

Jacob stood up, his sharp eyes condemned on a room of people, “Go out, Faith needs a rest.”

A room looked at each other, did they hear it right?

“Jacob, you are going too far. You actually gave us elders an order to chase away guests for a little girl who has no blood relationship with our war family.” Palmer shouted loudly.

Faith slowly opened the colored contact lenses and saw a room of people. She got up and sat down and greeted everyone politely, “Hello, grandparents.”

Jue Zhan Han glared at Palmer angrily, “You woke her up.”

Palmer shuddered, “Jacob, don’t stare at me like this. I am alive and well like your enemy. As for?”

Jacob walked in front of the old lady, his voice slowed down, “Grandpa, you go to the VIP room and wait for me first, I’ll come over immediately.”

The old man’s gaze swept across Faith’s face sharply, and he exhaled heavily, obviously very dissatisfied with Jacob’s bottomless beloved Faith.

However, he still gave Jacob a face, turned and walked out.

“Uncle, who are they?”

Jacob stroked Faith’s little head, “they are the elder of the Zhan family.”

“No wonder you don’t like me.”

Jacob: “…”

What logic is this?

Faith looked at Jacob, her eyes were a little gloomy, “If you hate me, they will hate me. This is called hating the house and the black.”

Jacob: “…”

“Faith, I love you.”

Faith: “…” Why does it feel so unreal?

“Uncle goes out, are you scared alone?”

Faith shook her head, “Not afraid.”


VIP room.

Because the old lady’s face was gloomy, the others dared not come out holding their breath.

The old lady trusted Jacob in every possible way. But today, Jacob did something that made the grandfather very, very angry. This is the first time that the grandfather and grandson have a conflict. Both of them are stubborn masters, and don’t know how fierce war will happen in the future.

When Jacob came to the VIP room, his mother deliberately walked in front of him and reminded him in a low voice, “Grandpa is getting angry, don’t screw him with him.”

There was no sign of compromise on Jacob’s stern face.

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