Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 303

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Chapter 303

“Grandpa!” Jacob walked up to the old lady and cried respectfully.

The old man raised his eyes and squinted at him, and pointed his skinny finger at him, shaking constantly because of anger, “Do you think you are worth it for a woman?”

Jacob looked cold, and said without thinking, “It’s worth it.”

Compared to those things that Irene did for him, what were these things he did?

The old lady was so angry that she couldn’t breathe well, and she couldn’t even speak. “You, you…you really disappointed me.”

Jacob’s father-Zhan Tingye immediately came over and criticized his son harshly, “Jacob, pay attention to your attitude when talking to Grandpa.”

Palmer cheered on the fire, “Jacob is arrogant, and he has such an arrogant temper to everyone. Big brother, Dad won’t blame him.”

Jacob severely scratched Palmer, “No one will be dumb if you don’t speak.”

Palmer touched his nose sullily, muttering.

Seeing that Jacob did not reflect on the wrong attitude, the old lady was even more furious. Angrily said, “Jacob, Na Grace is pregnant with the blood of a warrior, have you ever thought that she seems simple, but she is a woman with deep thoughts and calculations?”

Jacob would not allow anyone to discredit Grace, and immediately retorted in a serious manner, “Grandpa, Grace is not as scary as you think.”

A woman who was born for love and died for love, a woman who secretly loved him for two lifetimes, is as fragile as an egg yolk without the protection of an eggshell, transparent and clear, fragile and fragile.

He didn’t allow anyone to hurt her.

Because of Jacob’s vigorous maintenance of Grace, everyone in the room felt incredible about Jacob’s behavior.

“Jacob, you are never close to women, why are you so obsessed with Grace? In my opinion, you are evil?” said the second aunt.

“Yes, Jacob has always been hard-hearted, but for Grace’s daughter, he ran a red light in the middle of the night. He also openly talked back to the old man. It seemed as if he had changed himself.” The third aunt agreed.

Several uncles forced to ask, “Jacob, you honestly explain, do you like Na Grace?”

Jacob nodded solemnly.

The old lady sighed with hatred for iron and steel, “It’s not impossible for you to like her, but is it guilty of frequent hot searches for a woman like her?”

Jacob stared at the old lady, his eyes firm, “You can commit it!”

The old man originally thought that the baby grandson was just on a whim and on a whim. Seeing that Jacob was so powerful and did not conceal his love for Grace, the old lady was silent.

To Jacob, unspeakable disappointment.

“I originally thought that you would marry her and die in battle. I just opened my eyes and closed my eyes to complete you. Now I see your almost frantic obsession with her, I regret it.” The old lady angered, “I changed my mind. Our war family felt that Grace would not be allowed to come.

Jacob’s tall and straight body shook slightly. The stare at the old lady was stubborn.

“You have forced her away, what else do you want?” He said bitterly.

The old lady saw the complaining eyes from Jacob’s charming and beautiful pupils, and her heart fell straight.

“Jacob, I never expected that the one who could destroy you one day would turn out to be an unknown little girl.”

The old lady’s loss of Jacob was written on her face, but soon, his frustrated and disappointed pupils burst into a firm light, “Jacob, you are the pride that I have cultivated hard, and I will never allow it. Grace destroyed my efforts.”

Jacob saw the destructive light permeating his old man’s eyes, his heart was slightly cold, and he roared, “Grandpa?”

“In order to prevent you from going astray, I would rather say you hate me forever.” Don’t say the old lady deeply.

The atmosphere in the room instantly became extremely suffocating.

Everyone’s eyes focused on the old lady and Jacob.

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