Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 270

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Chapter 270

The look of the old man was mysterious.

Seeing that he still didn’t reveal the identity of that person, Shaun didn’t bother to continue to ask, just sitting in the back row, quietly closing his eyes.


The car stopped in front of a mansion in the West Lake Palace in Jiang City.

This is a family villa with its own courtyard, rockery, and garden!

Covering an area of tens of kilometers, even in a small city like Jiangshi, the market value of this courtyard is probably hundreds of millions.

Especially the decoration style is very modern.

Obviously, it is a Chinese garden style, with an antique flavor, giving a sense of tranquility and luxury.

When Gao Zhiyuan took Shaun and just walked into the courtyard, he immediately saw that on a piece of grass in the courtyard, a gray-robed old man was teaching a girl boxing technique.


The girl looked only eighteen or nine years old, her pretty face was extremely beautiful, especially when her beautiful eyes were flowing, she gave a sense of coldness.

This is definitely an enchanting beauty.

Her body style flashed and moved, sharp and fast.

A pair of pink fists, under the swing, turned out to be very aggressive.

Looking at the girl’s boxing technique, Shaun was slightly startled:

“National Arts Bajiquan!”

Shaun is most familiar with this kind of martial arts boxing. Baji boxing emphasizes the combination of softness and rigidity, which can exercise a person’s bones and strength.

In the beginning, when he trained the members of the blood prison, his entry-level exercise was the national martial arts Bajiquan.

It can be said!

Shaun took some seconds to understand the national martial arts Bajiquan, and no one in the world would dare understand in such minimum time.


Shaun frowned, and he discovered that although the Bajiquan practiced by this young girl looked majestic and mighty, the route of blood circulation was completely rebellious!

If you continue to practice, then don’t say what you have achieved, for fear that if you don’t live to be twenty years old, your blood will retrograde, your five internal organs will shift.

At this moment, the girl completely finished a set of Octopus fists, then breathed out her fists.

It looks so different.

And seeing this scene, the gray-robed old man on the side suddenly stroked his beard and smiled:

“Hahaha… Yan’er, your Bajiquan is advancing rapidly, I’m afraid it won’t be long before you catch up with your brother!”

Hearing the old man praise, a touch of joy appeared on the pretty face of this beautiful girl:

“This all is due to you Master!”

What type of teacher you are.

These words made the gray robe old man happy.

However, just as he was about to say something, a cold voice suddenly came from the door:

“It’s not good teaching! Soon, I will teach you all you!”


As soon as these words came out, the expressions of the gray-robed old man and the glamorous girl changed.

Only then they discovered that two figures one old and one young, came in from the door.

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