Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 304

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Chapter 304

One step by step pressing, one improper yield!

How does this contest of kings end?

The old lady suddenly stood up, and when she passed by Jacob, Jacob suddenly stretched out his hand to hold her.

“If you regret it, you will tell me again.” The old lady looked at Jacob’s stubborn eyes.

Jacob said to the others, “Dad, take the other people out, I have a few words I want to talk to Grandpa alone.”

The old man was startled, and then hobbled back on the chair.

The crutch pointed at the door and ordered to others, “Go outside and wait.”

Others filed out.

Jacob’s father closed the door thoughtfully, leaving a quiet space for the grandson.

The old lady looked at Jacob and pointed to the seat next to him. Jacob sat down.

“Grandpa, I can explain these two hot searches. But you have to promise me not to embarrass Grace.” Jacob said.

The old lady’s eyes were cold, “Let’s talk, what’s going on?”

Jacob said, “The first hot search, the intimate photo of Grace and I, I let people put it up.”

The old man was very surprised, “I really can’t think of the reason you did this.”

Jacob said, “Forcing her to marry me.”

The old man was even more surprised. This ending was too reversed. Originally thought it was a hot search by Grace for the upper ranks, in the end it was his grandson who did it!

Jacob’s explanation did not calm the anger of the old lady, but made him furious.

“A woman who makes you stunned, why do you think I want to let her go?”

The old lady’s thunderous sound scared Huarong to all the eavesdroppers outside the door.

Palmer said with a sense of gloat, “After this incident, Jacob’s position in the heart of the old man will decline rapidly. I am afraid that soon more descendants of the Zhan family will participate in the management of the Zhan family. “

The second room and the third room both showed secret joy.

Jacob’s mother looked a little cold, “Even if my family Jacob retires from the management position of Zhan, he is also the founder of Media Asia.”

This sentence made the other complacent cabbage instantly scorched like frost—it’s hard to wilt.

Jacob’s Media Asia has developed vigorously in recent years, and its economic growth index has surpassed Zhan’s momentum. It’s just that the Zhan’s century-old foundation has a strong family background.

As Palmer said, “Sister-in-law, if Jacob completely withdraws from the Zhan clan, his value will fall drastically only with his Media Asia.”

Jacob’s mother is not a fuel-efficient lamp, “Even if his value drops, he will be much higher than each of you.”

Jacob’s father said angrily, “The negotiation between the old man and Jacob is not over, you start to argue about Zhan’s management rights, is it too early?”

The second room and the third room just shut up angrily.

Inside the house, the old lady and Jacob started a new round of verbal battle.

“This second hot search, what is going on?” the old lady asked angrily.

“Don’t tell me, it was you who wanted to please Grace and make her change her mind, so you publicized the picture of taking care of Faith with all your heart?”

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