Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 305

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Chapter 305

“This hot search, it should be that I was negligent last night, so that the paparazzi got cheap.” Jacob’s handsome face was covered with frost.

The old man’s face that had been infested by wind and frost showed a keen look that read through the vicissitudes of life and insight into the details, “Jacob, for so many years, you have lived a peaceful life. The paparazzi of the imperial capital has no power. Who dares to be there? Ground breaking on your head?”

“Grandpa, I understand.” There was a dark atmosphere in Jacob’s eyes, “I will definitely find out about this matter.”

“The paparazzi is certainly hateful, but as the heir to the Zhan clan, you should be cautious in your words and deeds, and should not give the maggots in the dark a chance to hurt you.” The old lady said.

“Listen to your mother that Grace has left the calendar garden?”

“Yes.” Jacob said with some regret.

The old man looked at his grandson’s unconcealed look, and he didn’t scream out of anger, “Since Grace has left the calendar garden, you should decisively break off the love you shouldn’t have with her. Also, her daughter. It is not the blood of the Zhan Family. After Faith is cured, he will return Faith to her.”

After a pause, he said loudly, “Our family does not support foreigners. This has been the rule for many years. Don’t forget.”

“Grandpa, Faith is not a foreigner.” Jacob fought hard.

“Her last name is Luo…” the old lady scolded angrily.

Jacob insisted firmly, “No, her last name is Zhan!”

The old man’s eyes were filled with suspicious colors, “What do you mean?”

Jacob explained softly, “She is my daughter.”

The old lady said in a bad mood, “You like to be her stepfather so much?”

Jacob said helplessly and persistently, “It’s not a stepfather, it’s a father.”

The old lady stared at Eagle Eye, “What did you say?”

He stood up slowly, with an unbelievable expression on his face, and repeatedly confirmed, “Faith is really—your daughter?”

Jacob nodded, “Born.”

The old lady was a little dazed by the sudden news, “Jacob, you can’t talk nonsense about this, do you need evidence?”

Jacob asked him, “Does it count as a paternity test?”

The old lady squinted Hawkeye, “How is this possible? Didn’t Grace leave you six years ago? When did she follow you again—”

The old lady didn’t express her suspicion, and Jacob directly explained his doubts, “Grandpa, it’s not what you think. Faith and Jason, Derek are children born one day.”

The old lady was even more shocked, “One child, three treasures?”

Jacob nodded, “Well. Although it is extremely rare in medicine, I happened to be met by my grandson.

After the old man’s surprised expression, slowly switched to an overjoyed expression.

“So, Grace is really a great hero of our family?”

Jacob added, “I have asked people to investigate Grace’s ex-husband, but there has been no result. Grandpa, grandson dare to assure you that after Grace divorced me, she never remarried. So that paragraph the marriage history made out of nothing but a lie she tried to protect Faith from being snatched by the Zhan Family.”

The old lady Ren Zhen really pondered the ins and outs of this matter, and nodded repeatedly, “If Grace doesn’t have a messy marriage history, she will give birth to her three children for the Zhan Family, and the Zhan Family should not treat her badly. Well, Jacob, I won’t interfere with your marriage.”

The old man thought of something, and the conversation turned, “However, she is not very well-known in the imperial capital. You are getting married for the second time, so let’s keep a low profile.”

Jacob held a different view, “No, grandpa, I will promise her an unprecedented wedding.”

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