Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 306

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Chapter 306

The old man’s smile was condensed in the corner of his eyes, “For her, you don’t hesitate to sing against grandpa. Just like you are crazy about love, grandpa still dare you to marry her?”

Jacob said with affection, “Grandpa, it’s not that grandson is crazy about love. I really don’t want to repay her kindness to grandson.”

The old lady frowned, he had an illusion, is the heroine he and Jacob chatting with the same person?

“As long as you are willing, this emperor treats you as many nice women as nothing.” The old lady said with disdain.

Jacob shook his head, “No, no one, like her, loves me deeply.”

The old lady was a little confused. He remembered that Jacob had mentioned this sentence before, but the name he was talking about at that time was not Grace. “She is better than your Irene?”

Speaking of Irene, a happy smile appeared on Jacob’s face.

The old lady can still feel Jacob’s passionate love for Irene. The old man was puzzled, “Since you still have a lingering in your heart, how can you still show affection to other women?”

Jacob suddenly held the old man’s hand excitedly, “Grandpa, it is because I love Irene that I want to treat Grace well.”

The old lady became more and more confused, “What logic is this?”

Jacob’s eyes were as bright as thousands of stars, “Grandpa, Grace is my Irene.”

The old lady was so frightened that she sat on the sofa heavily.

“What did you say?”

Jacob said, “I know this thing is incredible, but grandpa, this is a real thing.”

“I want evidence?” The old lady squeezed her forehead with a headache.

Jacob said, “I don’t even believe it when I say it. But in the face of those shocking investigation results, I really have to believe it.”

“Grandpa, Grace is a top hacker elite, even her grandson’s key can be cracked by her for a long time.”

“Huh?” The old lady was shocked.

“The brushwork skills of Grace’s paintings come from the teachings of her grandson.”

“Is there such a thing?”

“The more spiritual thing is that Grace happened to be on the spot when Irene was in the car accident. Therefore, I boldly speculated that it was Irene’s soul attached to Grace.”

The old lady was shocked again and again.

“Can there be evidence?”

Jacob looked directly into the eyes of the old man, “When she was in a coma, she called me Brother Jue. Grandpa, I believe intuition, she is Irene.”

The old lady’s dry eyes suddenly burst into tears, and she said with emotion, “If God opens her eyes and let her come back to accompany you, I will die without regret.”

Jacob tightened the old man’s hand comfortingly, “Grandpa, don’t be sad. Pay attention to your body.”

The old man was very excited, “Why don’t you make me feel bad? Her grandfather, I am a good brother of life and death, and he saved my life. But because of the death of Irene, he didn’t want to see me. Do I still owe him his life? He blames me in his heart, and my heart is blocked!”

Jacob said, “Master Yan hates his grandson. I let him down. I didn’t take care of his precious granddaughter.”

The old lady shook Jacob’s hand excitedly, and exclaimed, “Jacob, if Irene is really back, you must not bear her.”

“I do not know.”

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