Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 271

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Chapter 271

“Old man!”

Seeing Gao Zhiyuan, the gray-robed old man’s complexion was slightly loosened, but when he saw Shaun, his brows instantly curled up:

“Boy, you are talking nonsense.”


Shaun glanced at the gray-robed old man and shook his head and smiled:

“Excuse me, how many years have you being practicing Bajiquan?”

several years?

The gray-robed old man got hesitated.

This set of eighth-level national martial arts was bought by him three years ago from an expert at a sky-high price. After three years of training, his strength skyrocketed.

But what does it has to do with Shaun!

“Three years, why?” The gray-robed old man looked at Shaun.

Hearing this Shaun smiled and said:

“Then you must know it takes eight years to understand every aspect of Bajiquan!”

“You have only practiced for three years and then you have started to teach others, it is tantamount to killing people!”


Shaun’s words changed the expressions of the gray-robed old man and the glamorous girl.

Killing people?

This hat can be buttoned too much, and suddenly the old man’s face in the gray robe almost drips gloomy:

“It’s nonsense! The old man has never heard that if you have not practiced it for eight years then you can’t pass it to others!”

“Boy, I don’t care who you are? If you want to be clever, be careful that I will not polite to you!”


A white mist suddenly appeared on the body of the gray-robed old man, like a suffocating aura, making Gao Zhiyuan and the glamorous girl instantly plunge into the ice cellar, feeling that the temperature has dropped within seconds.

Seeing this scene!

Gao Zhiyuan got shocked, and then he explained to the gray-robed old man:

“Kong Lao calm down! This little gentleman is Fei Lao’s lifesaver that you must know!”



This sentence instantly changed the gray-robed old man’s complexion, and his expression changed abruptly, and he became gloomy.

After all, he also heard that there was a genius doctor Lin who treated Fei Lao.

Even if he was extremely angry with Shaun, he cannot do anything at this moment.

“Brother, are you my grandfather’s savior, Doctor Lin?” At this moment, the beautiful girl next to him asked curiously.

She originally thought that the person who saved her grandfather must be a seven to eighty years old Chinese medicine doctor.

But she never thought that he is this young.

Suddenly, they heard a burst of laughter in the corridor next to it from a distance:

“Hahaha…that’s right! This little gentleman is the genius doctor Lin who saved the old my life!”

When they heard this, everyone turned their eyes and saw that an old man wearing a Tang suit and blushing came over from the inside of the courtyard.

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