Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 272

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Chapter 272

His breath is majestic and extraordinary, and his steps are steady and powerful!

At first glance, he is a powerful person.

Shaun slightly got shocked when he saw the old man.

Because he is the one who had the ‘Filling Lock’ disease that he had treated with the method of white bone acupuncture during the live broadcast!

“It’s you?”

Da da da!

At this moment, he saw Fei Lao in Tang suit, trotting over quickly, and when he came to Shaun, he was full of respect and gratitude and bowed deeply to Shaun:

“Old man Fei Changqing, thanks to genius doctor Lin for saving his life!”

Fei Changqing!

This name is familiar to Shaun.

The old man next to him quickly explained:

“Mr. Lin, don’t you know? Old Fei Changqing is the uncle of Fei Yong of Jiangshi Yongsheng Group! He is also the richest man in Yunhai City next to us and the helm of the largest Yunhai Fei family!”

The richest man in Yunhai!

Shaun remembered when he heard Gao Zhiyuan’s introduction. He often heard Elvira talk about the most famous people in the surrounding cities.

For example, Tianlong Xu in Jiangshi and Fei Changqing in Yunhai.

Tianlong Xu’s background is profound and unpredictable!

On the other hand, Fei Changqing has an extremely diverse industry. They have many industries not only in Yunhai City but also in Jiang City and Jiangnan City.

Shaun had never thought that he had saved a life of such an important person.

“At that time, the old man remembered he was in good health and came to Jiang City to handle the Fei family’s businesses alone, but he did not expect that he would suddenly become seriously ill!”

“Especially, it turned out to be a rare Philippine Locke disease! If doctor Lin would not treat him, then the old man’s life would have been gone long ago!”

Thinking about this!

Fei Lao’s face was full of deep sighs and gratitude.

However, Shaun shook his head lightly:

“It’s just a small effort, don’t worry about it!”

Shaun frowned slightly and looked at the gray-robed old man and the glamorous girl beside him. He hesitated for a while and continued:

“However, if you don’t want your Fei family to have another funeral, I advise your granddaughter to stop practicing Bajiquan!”


Shaun is still thinking about Bajiquan

Hearing this, Kong Lao’s expression turned gloomy to the extreme.

“Boy, I respect you that, you have saved Mr. Fei’s life. But don’t talk this nonsense!”

Kong Lao became angry at this moment.

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