Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 307

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Chapter 307

The door of the VIP room suddenly opened, and the people in the rooms waiting outside the door immediately surrounded, everyone’s eyes were focused on the faces of the old lady and Jacob.

It’s a pity that the old lady and Jacob are both masters who conceal their emotions, and their expressions are exactly the same cold and solemn, as if nothing happened.

If the old man’s gaze inadvertently glanced at Faith’s ward, he said to Jacob, “Since her mother is not here, you have worked hard these days. When the child is discharged, you will take her back to the tourmaline manor to play. Jas and Derek, I miss them too, let’s bring them back together.”

Jacob nodded, “Yes. Grandpa.”

I didn’t see the fierce picture of the pair of grandfathers and grandsons facing Maimang, but the unexpected harmony, which made everyone feel puzzled.

Palmer murmured, “Dad, Jas and Derek are the blood of our war family. We have no objection to letting them return to Tourmaline Manor. But this Faith is just Jacob’s future stepdaughter. Dad always hates illegitimate children. Blood enters the tourmaline manor, but has such a deep love for Faith, are you afraid that our nieces and nephews outside are chilling?”

The Second Chamber Zhan Ting Lei and the Third Chamber Zhan Ting Sui were silent. After all, the number of children born out of wedlock is the most.

The old lady has always refused their illegitimate children to settle in the tourmaline manor, but treats Jacob’s stepdaughter differently. Such a difference in treatment made them feel a little unconvinced.

However, Mrs. Erfang and Mrs. Sanfang were obviously dissatisfied with Palmer’s fair remarks. The two glared fiercely at Palmer, “Fourth brother don’t want to open the pot or lift the pot! Make dad unhappy.”

Palmer said, “Sooner or later, this matter will be solved on the table, and escape is not a solution. The blood of those illegitimate warriors has been scattered outside. It is not a long-term solution.”

The old lady looked at Jacob and deliberately threw this problem to Jacob to solve for him.

Jacob looked at the eagerly awaited expressions of several uncles. If he didn’t give them a reasonable explanation, the uncles would definitely not let him step down.

Palmer looked at him with a smirk on his face, “Jacob, what do you think?”

Jacob’s handsome and beautiful face smiled, if several uncles felt that this would make him difficult, forcing him to tell the truth about the conspiracy between him and his grandfather today, or expecting him to persuade his grandfather to accept those illegitimate brothers and sisters into the war. The genealogy of the family that is really the wrong place.

“This is not the place to solve family ugliness, let’s talk about it when we go home.” Jacob smiled gracefully.

The faces of the uncles were ugly.

The old lady showed a touch of appreciation to Jacob. It is worthy of his personally cultivated talents.

Simply the best diplomat!

Palmer put a hand on Jacob’s shoulder, “Go home to solve it? Then you have to go home? Jacob, you don’t live in Tourmaline Manor, why are you coming back?”

“After Faith is discharged from the hospital, I will come back with three children.”

Palmer nodded, “Okay! We are waiting for you.”

Then handed Jacob an expression of “You can’t hide past the first day but the fifteenth”.

Jacob waved at him, “Don’t send it.”

When the guard of honor of the Zhan family left, Jacob returned to Faith’s ward.

Faith sat on the hospital bed, her spirits and spirits still a little sluggish, but she didn’t cry or make trouble, and obediently cooperated with the tuina teacher.

Standing behind the curtain, Jacob looked at Faith quietly.

He walked all the way from the VIP room, and the children in the VIP ward were all howling and deafening. The accompanying parents are like coaxing their little ancestors, showing them ipa and giving them candy.

And his Faith, even if she doesn’t have her parents by her side, doesn’t seem to be in a good mood, but she resists bad emotions and does not cry.

The child is so pitiful.

“Faith, where is your mommy?” The massage master talked to her affectionately.

“Mommy can’t come if something is going on.” Faith’s voice was a little condensed.

“What about your daddy? Why doesn’t he come to accompany you?” the doctor asked curiously.

Those who can enter the VIP ward of Media Asia are all distinguished families who are both rich and noble. They will naturally treat their children as cherished treasures. It stands to reason that parents and family members will accompany their children to see a doctor.

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