Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 308

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Chapter 308

However, this child is not accompanied by her family, which makes massage teachers and students suspicious.

Jacob would like to know what kind of existence is Daddy in Faith’s heart? So the long legs that had stepped out have shrunk back.

Faith lowered her head and whispered in a low voice, “Daddy is here and I’m out again.”

“Oh.” The doctor stopped curiosity, not surprising to those careless parents.

However, the man behind the curtain was shocked by Faith’s answer.

Does Faith know that he is her daddy?

But she still called him uncle?

“Faith, you look so beautiful and cute, Mom and Dad must love you to death.” The doctor chatted with Faith, first to distract the child’s discomfort, and secondly, he really felt that Faith was very cute.

“Mummy loves me, but Daddy doesn’t love me.” Faith said nonchalantly.

Jacob sighed and opened the curtain. When the doctor saw Jacob, he stood up in shock and respectfully said: “President.”

Jacob said, “You continue.”

The doctor was slightly startled, and sat down nervously and continued to give Faith massage.

But in my heart, didn’t the president come to the ward to guide the work?

Jacob sat on the escort chair beside the bed, reached out his hand to touch Faith’s parents, and asked softly, “Is it better?”

Faith nodded.

The doctors were shocked. It turned out that Faith’s guardian was their chief executive?

Faith looked at Jacob, she was hesitant to speak but she felt pity.

“Is there anything you want to say?” Jacob squeezed her little nose and smiled.

Faith said sadly, “I miss Mommy. Uncle, I really miss Mommy!”

Jacob looked at her as pitiful as she was about to cry but desperately resisted crying, with a sour nose. “Faith, cry if you want.”

Faith suddenly jumped into his arms and cried.

“I want Mommy!”

Jacob’s eyes were misted, and he gently patted Faith on the back, comforting her, “Faith, when you get better, Mommy will come back.”

The doctor stared at this scene, dumbfounded.

Is the legendary president of Iceberg so gentle in front of his children?

After finishing the massage in shock, the tuina teacher left with embarrassment.

Faith cried for a long time, tired of crying, Jacob asked her, “Now tell me, are you hungry?”

Faith nodded obediently.

Jacob picked her up with one hand, “Go, and let’s go eat something delicious.”

Media Asia’s canteen.

The restaurant is very spacious, with light music flowing, and the style of each district is suitable for people with different moods.

When Jacob appeared in the restaurant with Faith, the original noisy restaurant was silent. All the employees looked at the president and the cute pendant on him in shock.

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