Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 309

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Chapter 309

Being watched by so many uncles and aunts, Faith became embarrassed, and shyly buried her head in Jacob’s chest. Then, she opened one eye and looked at this strange place harmlessly.

The shy action made Jacob smile softly. “Are you shy?”

Faith hugged his neck and asked timidly, “Uncle, why are they looking at me?”

Jacob’s stern eyes scanned the restaurant, and those employees hurriedly immersed themselves in grilling rice.

Jacob said to Faith, “Probably because you are so cute.”

Faith stared at Jacob blankly…

“What’s wrong?” Jacob asked.

“Uncle, this is the first time you praise Faith.” Faith couldn’t hide her surprise in her eyes.

Jacob frowned, “Really?”

At that moment, he wanted to selectively forget his indifference to Faith.

“I will always praise you in the future, and I won’t hide anything I want to praise you in my heart.”

Faith’s eyebrows were crooked with a smile, and the pupils of the black gems raised a pool of Qinghong.

“Uncle, you look good when you don’t lose your temper.”

“Is it?”

The father and daughter came to the front desk of the restaurant while chatting. Looking at the colorful and delicious food, Faith exclaimed in amazement, “Wow!”

“What do you want to eat?” Jacob asked her.

Suddenly he found that he cared little about this daughter and didn’t know her preferences at all. A touch of guilt suddenly arose in his heart.

“Can you order anything you want? Don’t care about its price?” Faith looked at Jacob with some worry, “What if it is too expensive?”

The waiter who sold food at the front desk was dumbfounded when he heard Faith’s words.

Are you worried about the price when you follow the president for dinner? What should I do if such a cute and pure baby wants to steal it?

It’s so cute.

“Do you think Uncle seems to be short of money?” Jacob asked.

Faith said seriously, “Uncle is not short of money——”

Long fan-like eyelashes drooped down, and her voice became frustrated. “But Uncle, are you willing to spend money for me?”

Jacob: “…”

Hold the child tighter, “Of course I do.”

Although she was supported by “Uncle Zhan” food stamps, Faith was a frugal baby. She ordered two small dishes and one porridge, and a sweet smile bloomed with satisfaction.

Jacob asked her, “Don’t you want anything else?”

Faith said very contentedly, “No, Mommy said, you can’t waste it.”

Jacob was very much in favor of Irene’s education, but he felt very distressed when he saw that his precious daughter had the eating habits of poor people.

Jacob arbitrarily called her some light snacks. Then took Faith and walked to the cubicle by the window to enjoy the quiet time of the two.

Because of the sudden visit of the president, the restaurant is quieter than ever before, and even the sound of needles falling on the ground can be heard.

So when Assistant President Guan Xiao came to the restaurant as usual, everyone looked at him like a national treasure.

“Oh, the sun is coming out from the west today? Why are you dumb when your mouth is broken?”

The person in charge of the Cyber Security Department winked at Guan Xiao and poked in the direction of the president.

Guan Xiao looked in the direction he was pointing, and saw that in the elegant hollow compartment, the president and Faith were sitting next to each other, eating in surprisingly consistent movements.

That picture is really beautiful.

“His daughter is really her father’s little lover!” Guan Xiao couldn’t help sighing when seeing the happy expression on the president’s face.

The original domineering Guan Xiao switched to a gentleman in front of the president for a second, holding the lunch box with a solemn expression and walking to the president.

Jacob glanced at him and scolded, “Go away.”

It’s really ignorant of the current affairs to disturb the time between him and his daughter.

Guan Xiao said shamelessly, “President, I have important things to tell you.”

Jacob’s expression eased.

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