Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 310

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Chapter 310

Guan Xiao sat opposite the father and daughter.

When Faith saw Guan Xiao, she immediately yelled sweetly, “Hello Uncle.”

Guan Xiao was so startled that his eyes were about to fall to the ground, this…The Zhan Family’s species finally mutated?

High cold abstinence—These chilling genes, which are not easy to approach, are finally mutated to be so humane.

“Faith, did you grow up eating cute? So cute.” Guan Xiao was transformed by Faith Meng, and he couldn’t help rubbing Faith’s hair.

Jacob’s gaze swished like a flying knife and fell on Guan Xiao’s hand.

“Remove, dirty hands.”

Guan Xiaoyu suddenly!

“President, did my hands just wash?”

“Stay away from my Faith.”

Faith looked at the aggressive Jacob, and at the embarrassed Guan Xiao, suddenly stretched out her hand to put Guan Xiao’s hand on her head.

Jacob: “…” Is this clearly against him?

Guan Xiao: “…” Why is this kid so cute?

Little Master Faith’s education battle said, “Uncle, it’s wrong for you to do this. This uncle touches my head, this is how he likes me. you can’t keep others from treating me well. This is very impolite behavior.”

Jacob: “…”

Guan Xiao: “…”

Guan Xiao looked at the president secretly, and saw his constipated face, which was obviously very fond of Faith.

He was secretly ecstatic, God finally opened his eyes, and finally sent a cutie to melt this iceberg.

It’s just that Guan Xiao was too happy, and Jacob’s darling of his daughter far exceeded his imagination-almost reaching the point of abnormality.

“Faith, stay away from all the men. Because they are dangerous.” Jacob stared at Guan Xiao coldly, “Just like this uncle, don’t look at his good-looking, in fact, he has done a lot of bad things secretly.”

Guan Xiao: “…”

The president teaches his daughter like this, okay?

The bad things he did were not instigated by you, the president?

Faith looked at Guan Xiao and nodded, “I know, Mommy said, the better-looking men are, the more dangerous they are.”

Then his small eyes fell on the invincible leader Jacob, “Mummy said that people like uncles are beasts in clothes, and they should stay away as well as possible.”

Jacob’s expression is really hard to describe.

Guan Xiao looked at the president’s expression as if he had eaten two Tuoxiang, and almost laughed wildly at the table.

Just wait to see how the president takes over.

Jacob patted Faith’s head very calmly, “The handsomer the man, the more dangerous it is. Mommy is right. This is Jinke’s law. However, except for Uncle Zhan.”

Faith pursed her lips and murmured, “Uncle is obviously more dangerous than other handsome uncles.”

Jacob: “…”

Guan Xiao couldn’t help it.

Jacob stared at him fiercely, “Close your mouth properly.”

Then turned around and asked Faith, “Why is this?”

Faith honestly said, “Because my uncle will abduct Mommy’s child.”

Jacob was speechless.

Jacob suddenly remembered the reunion with Grace at the airport. At that time, she told the children that he was a trafficker.

Only now did he know what was on her mind.

She had always been afraid that he would take Derek and Faith, so she tried every means to avoid him.


Since she loves children so much, how can she suddenly leave three children to him?

Irene, where are you?

Missing, endless.

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