Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 279

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Chapter 279

In Elvira’s beautiful eyes, there was a hint of mist:

“Shaun, the relations were already bad with Shen’s family! When you did this, did you think of our mother? Did you think of me?”

“How will we face Grandpa in the future!”

The more Elvira spoke, the angrier she got, and Shaun is listening and he looks weird.

Then he knew.

It turned out that Elvira did not know that Lin Dong was him, and the Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital was their hospital.


Shaun was too lazy to explain, he remained silent.

And seeing this scene!

Elvira immediately thought that he is showing attitude, and not a trace of slight guilt is appearing in his heart. She changed the subject and asked:

“By the way, whose house were you in just now? The old man next to Gao, I have seen him somewhere, but I can’t remember where I have seen him?”

Elvira just took a look at the villa and knew that this family was extremely extraordinary.

I just don’t understand why were you there in an extraordinary house?

“It’s nothing, I just had a relationship with that old man!” Shaun replied lightly.

Hearing this!

Elvira didn’t care too much either. After all, she knew best that Shaun didn’t have any social circles at all.

He has no friends except their family.

“Shaun, I beg you, when we reach Shen’s house in a while, you must control your temper!”

“If Grandpa or any other speak badly, I hope you will bear it!”

Elvira turned to look at Shaun at this moment, and there was a thick pleading in those beautiful eyes.

Shaun wants to refuse immediately.

However, when he saw Elvira’s misty eyes, he could only swallow the hard words to his lips:

“My wife, don’t worry!”

Shaun’s words made Elvira a little relieved.

But Elvira didn’t know!

Shaun has nothing to say!

If they go too far, Shaun will make the Shen Family pay an unbearable and painful price!

The Mercedes Benz drove to the door of Shen’s house.

At this moment, the parking lot at the entrance was already densely packed with luxury cars.

Some of these luxury cars belonged to the Shen family, while more were high-class figures who had close business relationships with the Shen family.

Almost everyone knows it!

The Shen family got a super contract!

Those business partners, all come to curry favor at this moment to see if they can get a share of the pie.

“The Shen family is hosting a signing dinner today! They had won a super contract worth 100 million US dollars!”

A trace of envy flashed over Elvira’s pretty face.

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