Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 278

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Chapter 278

At the moment, Shaun did not hesitate, and said to Fei and the others:

“Everyone, I’ll go now! See you in the future!”

Then Shaun turned around and left.

Seeing this scene, everyone stood up to see him off.

When everyone came to the door, they saw Elvira’s Mercedes-Benz, already slowly driving there.

Elvira’s pretty face was extremely ugly at the moment, faintly filled with anger.

Shaun sat in the car and they went away.

This scene made Fei Lao and others confused for a moment, but they didn’t think much about it.

“Grandpa, you should get ready too. The party of the Shen family will start soon!” Fei Qingying said to Fei Lao.

Shen family?

Hearing these two words, Gao Zhiyuan got shocked:

“Lao Fei, the Shen family you are talking about, is it the Shen family of old grandpa Shen and Jian?”


Old Fei smiled and said:

“This Shen family belongs to first-class families in Jiang City. There are many connections with our Fei family in business and industry!”

“Before, the Shen family was asking us to cooperate, but they were not qualified, so I rejected them! As you know, Mr. Lin has saved my life. According to my investigation, the Shen family is Mr. Lin’s mother-in-law’s family! That’s why I planned to do so and gave them a contract worth 100 million dollars!”


A wry smile appeared at the corner of Gao’s mouth.

Fei Changqing may not know it, but Gao Zhiyuan is very clear. Although the Shen family has relation with Shaun and his wife, they don’t like Shaun and his wife.


After Shaun expelled Zhou Xian, the grandson-in-law of the Shen family, it was feared that the relationship between the Shen family and Paula’s family got worse.

“Lao Fei, don’t know if I can go with you this time?” Gao Zhiyuan asked.

And Fei got shocked for a moment, then nodded and smiled:

“Hahaha… Lao Gao, of course, we are going together!”

Gao Zhiyuan also smiled.

But in his heart, mourned for the Shen family silently.

at the same time!

In the Mercedes-Benz, Elvira’s pretty face almost dripped gloomily.

Along the way, without saying a word, the atmosphere was dull and depressing.

Not only that, Shaun found that in the back seat, there were some precious gifts bought by Elvira.

“Wife, are you okay?” Shaun asked with a dry smile.

Hearing this!

Elvira, who endured all the way, completely exploded:

“It’s okay? Shaun, can you stop getting us into trouble!”

“Do you know? Just now my grandfather called me personally. He said that you filed a complaint with Lin Dong of the Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital. He has beaten Shen Ling’s husband Zhou Xian and also he has fired him!”

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