Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 311

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Chapter 311

Yancheng, Yan Family Courtyard.

The Jiangnan architectural style is row upon row, the courtyards are stacked together, the ancient trees are towering, and the vines are climbing on the black railings inlaid with iron and stone. The flowering period of the Jiuzhong Pavilion is just when it is luxuriant. At first glance, a rose-red flower band is winding. Wander away.

Except for this nine-layered pavilion flower belt, the courtyard is full of autumn breeze, the fallen leaves are withered, and the withered yellow leaves on the ground exude a decadent breath.

Yan’s house, once infinitely beautiful—just like the scenery in this courtyard, from the colorful to the bleak, everything makes people sigh.

In front of the heavy Zhu Men, stood a delicate young woman. She has double red eyes, wheat-colored skin, moles on the corners of her lips, and a beautiful but tall nose.

This person is no one else, but Grace who disappeared in the imperial capital.

She has cut off her long hair that is beautiful and hanging down, a neutral and flowing short hair, coupled with her exquisite and superb makeup skills, has transformed from a pure and pretty girl into a clean and handsome youth.

Grace pressed the copper ring bell for a long time before she heard footsteps inside. It was Irene’s father who opened the door for her-a strict little wife: Cui Anru.

Cui Anru is as graceful and luxurious as ever, wearing designer clothes, wearing gold earrings, and wearing a few thick and heavy gold bracelets on his wrists.

Seeing the handsome boy standing in front of his house, Cui Anru’s eyes flashed with doubt, “You are?”

“Mrs. Cui, hello. Is Mr. Yan at home?”

Cui Anru glanced back at the deep house compound and nodded.

Grace said, “I beg your wife to announce that I am from the Imperial Capital, and I have important matters to tell her.”

Said the lady, “Come in.”

Grace stepped into the threshold and walked inside behind Cui Anru.

I glanced over the grass and trees here, the swing I played when I was young is still there, and the joy and laughter in my mind seems to have happened yesterday.

“Husband, our family has scored 100 points in this exam again, so you should reward her well.” This was a gentle voice from a loving mother.

“Oh, mom, my sister gets 100 points for every exam. This mid-term exam. In the final exam, unit exam, I get 100 points, not a few hundred times, or dozens of times. I reward her every time and she is numb.” It was my brother’s sour voice.

“It’s better to reward me.”

After Irene shamelessly said his heartfelt feelings, he was immediately scolded by his father, “You are ashamed to say, your sister Keke is 100 points, how about you, Keke has failed. This huge Yan can be handed over to you in the future. ?”

“Dad, just leave it to your sister. My dream is not to manage the company. I want to be a soldier—”

“Your sister is a girl, she will marry someone.”

“Aren’t there still Aunt Cui’s children?”

“Irene, are you itchy?”

Grace stood in the courtyard with a cloud of mist floating in her eyes.

Scenes of the past haunted my mind. However, she realized a truth: the withering of the Yan family seemed to have already begun.

Her elder brother is not in the family business, but she, who is proud and outstanding, is a girl with deep passion.

Grandpa did not allow Aunt Cui’s sons to enter the Yan Company.

Cui Anru found that “he” was not following, stood on the stone steps, and turned to look at her, “By the way, what should I call you?”

The young man hid her emotions in a hurry, turned her head and smiled politely, and said, “My name is Lin Zheng.”

Cui Anru didn’t say anything, turned around and stepped into the house.

“Husband, someone is looking for you.”

The light in the room was dim, and he stood strictly in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, showing that his back was extremely bleak under the backlight.

Turning around, her thin face, as if being carved by a wind knife and frost sword, has deep wrinkles.

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