Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 280

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Chapter 280

One hundred million dollars!

It is equivalent to 700 million Chinese currency, this kind of contract, I am afraid that only some giant groups can get it.

The Shen family will become richer for sure.

But when Shaun heard this, he smiled slightly.

100 million dollars?

In the eyes of others, it may be a super contract, but in his eyes, it is nothing.

Then the two followed a group of celebrities from Jiangshi and walked into the Shen family.

It can be assumed that the Shen family deserves to be a first-class wealthy family in Jiang City, with luxurious halls, spacious and bright.

Especially the banquet hall!

There is a lot of space, but there are limited people.

Exquisite floor tiles, expensive furnishings made by art masters imported from abroad, luxurious chandeliers with diamond-studded edges and corners!

All of them looking at the rich financial resources of the Shen family.

This is also the reason why the Shen family did not put the signing banquet in the hotel. They held it at their own home. One was to demonstrate their extraordinary financial resources to their partners, and the other was to let Fei’s Yunhai Big Mac family experience Feeling at home.

Along the way!

Elvira led Shaun through the crowd, and soon found the main position of the old grandfather Shen.

When Grandpa Shen saw Shaun, his old eyes condensed instantly:

“What are you doing? Get out!!!”


At this moment, Elvira didn’t expect that even her grandpa didn’t give him a chance to speak, That he directly asked Shaun to leave.

Not only Taigong Shen!

At this moment, the rest of the Shen family on the main seat also saw Shaun.

Jian, second aunt Cuiping, and others also found Shaun, and their eyes immediately became red, as if they have seen most hateful thing:

“Shaun, you still have a face? Are you looking for death?”

“A**hole! You almost killed my son-in-law and fired him, grandpa will tear your dog face today!”


The atmosphere messed up there.

Screams, noises, the humiliation!

It’s like these people and Shaun have an antagonism.

Seeing this scene!

Elvira’s pretty face suddenly dripped gloomily, she clenched her fists, and then suppressed her anger, and said to Taigong Shen:

“Grandpa, you asked me to bring Shaun to make him embarrassed?”

Following Elvira’s words, the voices around suddenly disappeared.

Everyone looked at Taigong Shen.

Taigong Shen rolled his eyelids, glared at Elvira, and asked dissatisfiedly:

“Due to your husband, Zhou Xian lost his job and got banned in all city’s hospitals. Why shouldn’t I scold him?”

Taigong Shen blew his beard and stared. In his notion, it was legitimate to scold Shaun by his family.

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