Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 312

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Chapter 312

Grace stared at him blankly. Is this still the elegant father in her memory?

She has not seen him for a few years, and he is so old. He is obviously less than sixty years old, but it looks like a rare age.

Strictly walk to the leather sofa and sit down slowly. Pointing at the opposite sofa, he said to Grace, “Sit down.”

Grace sat down on the sofa on his side, the position closest to him.

Strictly instruct Cui Anru, “Bring tea to the guests.”

Cui Anru snorted coldly, “Husband, where can I get good tea to entertain guests at home?”

Grace said immediately, “Boiled water is fine.”

Cui Anru went to pour water on Grace, and babbled endlessly, “If our children hadn’t pity us, the family wouldn’t even be able to drink boiled water. Humph, what about the two sons and daughters of your Yan family? , Are you unreliable at critical moments?”

The strict old face was immediately gloomy and angrily said, “You are uncomfortable without mentioning them for a day?”

Cui Anru walked over with boiled water, placed the tea cup heavily on the coffee table, and made a huge crash to show her inner dissatisfaction.

“Yes, I am not reconciled. Why is Irene in a time when the beauty of the Yan family is boundless? Only Irene and Irene can be recognized by the Yan family. The young masters and daughters have unlimited glory. But my children want to live in a place where no light can be seen? The home is down, where are they, dead and fleeing, but want my children to come out and bear the wind and frost with you?”

Grace was holding the tea cup and slowly savoring the dull plain water.

In her eyes, Cui Anru’s indignation was simply ridiculous. She had separated her father and mother and made Zhengzheng and her lose their father’s love overnight.

But her pair of children, under the protection of their father, led a spoiled and prosperous life.

Today, the Yan family has closed down. Although Zhengzheng is not good at managing the company, he is still working hard to save Yan.

And she is dead. Otherwise, how could it be possible to share the wind and rain with Yan?

Grace was upset, but she dared not say it.

The strict majesty seems to be no better than that of the past, Cui An is like talking about it for a long time, most of the time he listens and does not refute.

But at the end, he said rather helplessly: “If there are guests at home, you just need to say a few words.”

Cui Anru snorted and went upstairs.

Grace looked at his frustrated and annoyed father, remembering how he used to be majestic in front of her gentle mother, and felt that he was responsible for it.

“President Yan, this is my business card.”

Grace handed the self-made business card to Strict.

A pure black business card with her name written in big gilded letters. Profession: Lin Zheng, hacker.

On the reverse, it says her graduate school——QHXY!

Strictly stunned, the hand holding the business card trembled inexplicably, looking suspiciously at her.

Lin Zheng-the other way round is Ire (Irene)!

Occupation: Hacker!

Graduated from: QHXY!

Each one is exactly the same as Irene.

“Who are you?” Strict Eagle Falcon’s eyes locked Grace’s face.

Grace looked at him quietly, “My name is Lin Zheng. I’m here to apply for a job.”

Strictly sneered, “Hehe, job hunting? Yan’s enterprise is on the verge of bankruptcy. At this time, even layoffs are overwhelming. Why hire new employees?”

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