Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 313

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Chapter 313

Grace’s eyes are as bright as stars, and her eyes are burning with unwavering faith: “No, you need it.”

The strict pupils were filled with bloodshot eyes, and the scarlet pupils showed his incomparable anger. “Lin Zheng, I don’t care who you are, and I don’t want to know who instigated you to come to me. You will leave me immediately!”

Grace sighed helplessly.

It seems that the name “Lin Zheng” backfired.

The father suspected that her motives for approaching him were impure.

She must dispel his worries…

Suddenly she made a strange move, pulling the strict hand out, curling her middle finger, and then wrapping the other four fingers with her slender hand, leaving only the fingers exposed.

The game “Guess where the middle finger is?” is a game that she and her father often played when she was young.

Strictly start Tongzi, staring at her in a daze!

Grace looked into his eyes and said seriously and piously, “The Yan family is on the verge of bankruptcy and has fallen to the bottom. Are you still afraid of one more enemy?”

Strictly pushing the gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose, Grace’s horror did not disappear. “That’s right, then what are you doing?”

“Save Yan’s.” Grace was like taking an oath, her expression was unprecedented solemn.

“Trust me.”

Looking at Lin Zheng strictly suspiciously, “he” looked meticulous with a serious expression.

There are footsteps upstairs…

Strictly let go of Luo Shishi’s hand, pretending to be careless, “I know you hackers have some extraordinary skills. However, our Yan family is already in debt and cannot afford to pay your high salary.”

Grace said, “I don’t want a salary.”

“Then I really don’t understand what you entered into the Yanshi diagram?”

Grace said, “If I can save Yan’s name, Lin Zheng’s name will refresh the list of hackers. I want a name, you want profit, and we all get what we need. Does Yan always cooperate with me?”

Strictly stand up and stretch out a hand to her: “With such a good thing, I’m naturally more respectful than fate.”

Grace squeezed a bright smile at him.

“I hope we can cooperate happily.”

The next day, Grace, who was disguised as a man, was strictly taken to the company.

Most of the employees have been dismissed, and only the department heads in large companies stick to the end. Seeing the president come in with new employees, all of them showed a surprised expression.

“Do you need me to introduce them to you?” Strictly stopped suddenly and turned to ask Grace.

In fact, most can overcome the difficulties with Yan’s and stick to the end are old employees of the company. Grace is very of the people who familiar with them.

“No need.” Grace shook her head.

Strictly startled slightly. A knowing smile filled her eyes.

Taking Grace to the computer room, Grace sat in front of the computer and started working.

Strictly sitting on the high swivel chair in front of her, watching her quietly. But in her mind, she wonder if she can decipher Yan’s intranet?

Grace looked at the computer screen, slender fingers resting on the keyboard, pressing the mouse quickly. While reporting her surprising findings strictly:

“Seven years ago, Yan’s intranet was deciphered by hackers “Innocent”, presumably “Innocent” has stolen all of Yan’s business secrets… it is bound to steal all of Yan’s business sources.”

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