Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 314

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Chapter 314

Also, the company’s intranet is shared with a middle-level management office…If she is not wrong, there is a traitor in your company’s cyber security department…

The strict expression was calm, Grace covered the computer screen, and when she turned to look at him, she heard him sigh softly.

Obviously, she already knew the cause of Yan’s demise.

“You really have two sons.” Strictly and calmly praised her.

Grace didn’t speak, and quietly waited for his text.

However, Strict did not have enough trust in her, and just said indifferently, “Our Yan family and the imperial capital Bai family have many overlaps in their original business scope, which has caused the competition between the two to reach the point of intensification. Before, my father was still there. At that time, the Bai family took into account the face of the old man and he dared not brazenly compete with us for customers. But since the old man fell ill, the Bai family unscrupulously snatched many customers from Yan’s hands.”

Strictly speaking, he suddenly stopped talking.

Grace’s eyes lit up an angry flame and said, “Bai’s use of hackers to steal Yan’s secrets is really despicable.

Strictly said, “The shopping mall is like a battlefield. The Yan family is framed by the Bai family. It is because the Yan family is inferior to human skills.”

Grace suppressed her anger, and if the Bai clan owed the Yan clan, she would get it back. But it is not the time yet.

“Mr. Yan, we need to make a comeback now, we must look for a chance to make the most profit with the lowest cost… I wonder if Mr. Yan has any insight?”

Strictly thought about it, and said, “The electronics industry needs high-tech talents. Yan’s is now in such a dilapidated state. There is no capital for high-paid digging, and high-paid talents cannot be retained.”

Grace suggested, “What about the film and television industry? If you shoot a low-cost film and television, you can achieve the maximum sensational benefits. Then, Yan’s reputation will return, and the film and television profits will not be thin. Yan always can imagine. Go this way?”

Strictly speaking, “I thought about it. But popular IP scripts are hard to find, and the current top meteors are all monopolized by Zhan Baishi. The use of non-popular scripts and newcomers is too risky and I dare not take risks.”

Grace said, “President, I can’t bear to have children or wolves.”

Strict personality and cautious, lack of adventurous spirit. Regarding Grace’s proposal, he was very entangled, “I need to consider this.”

Grace couldn’t persuade him, and suddenly remembered what grandpa had told her in the ward. Not aware of a move.

“President, the Yan family and the Zhan family are also family friends. Now that the Yan family is in difficulties, why not ask the Zhan family for help? Presumably the Zhan family will also miss the old love…”

Strict eyes became dark and fierce, “Do you think I never asked Zhan’s for help? Zhan’s film company is the largest and most influential company in the country. In the past few years, there was still some friendship, but after Yan’s failure, his attitude towards me changed anxiously…”

Grace clenched her fists angrily, “President, if you can’t borrow softly, you will come hard.”

Strictly look at “her”, “Do you have a way?”

Grace said, “Yan Dong should know that cranes and clams compete for the fisherman’s profit!”

“Who is the crane? Who is the mussel?” asked strictly.

Grace stretched out her palm, looking like she was determined to win, “It can be a battle between the Zhanbai groups or within the Zhanbai family. As long as the film and television industry of the Zhanbai two families can be weakened, the Yan family will definitely be able to win. Everywhere is alive.”

Strict shock is not small: Lin Zheng is not only active in thinking, but also too daring to challenge the Zhanbai family?

Strictly drew a card out of the wallet and threw it to Grace, “Then you can go to the Imperial Capital. The money in the card is a little bit of my heart. The password is the girl’s birthday: “zl0919”.

Grace held the UnionPay card and squeezed a bright smile. “it is good.”

After Grace left, he strictly watched the fading back in the corridor, looking so thin, but stubborn.

Strict’s heart was ups and downs, and the business card in his palm was hot when he held it.

Slowly stretched out her fist, Grace’s business card turned upside down, and she saw the words “Zhenglin”. There was a faint tears in the bottom of her eyes.

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