Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 315

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Chapter 315

A BMW x3, driving on Yandi Expressway. When approaching the imperial toll gate, Grace in the driver’s seat suddenly slid the window of the car, looking at the misty cliff outside the window.

Fate is so miraculous. Seven years ago, Irene died here. Fortunately, God took care of her and her soul was attached to Grace to continue her life.

Seven years later, Grace changed the name of Lin Zheng to complete the mission that should belong to Irene.

Imperial capital.

At the beginning of the Hua Deng, beautiful and prosperous, a magnificent picture scroll is unfolded in the dusk.

The Xinghui Club of the Zhan Family is the place controlled by the second room of the Zhan Family. Zhan Tinglei’s son, Zhan Hanxuan, appears here almost every night, living a life of drunkenness with a group of friends.

Grace drove the BMW straight into the parking lot of the clubhouse, slid the driving window, with a cigarette in her mouth, but pretended to be lying on the car window and looking at the clubhouse door.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Zhan Hanxuan hugged the two women and staggered out of the car. Obviously drunk.

Grace quickly opened the car door to greet him, “Master Xuan.”

Zhan Hanxuan turned to look at Lin Zheng, looked her up and down, then pushed away the two beauties beside him, walked in front of Grace, pinched Grace’s chin, and asked with a grin, “You look good. , It’s simply the best. What’s the name?”

Grace was a little awkward, Zhan Hanxuan looked very enchanting, and his appearance and Jacob really had their own merits. However, this guy is enchanting, very gentle and easy to get close to.

Unlike the iceberg of Jacob, it will be frozen into ice sculptures by his powerful cold pressure within a hundred miles.

“Shao Xuan, my name is Lin Zheng, I came to you today to talk about project cooperation.” Grace’s chin broke free from his palm.

Zhan Hanxuan’s broad peach blossom eyes smiled like a flower. “Okay, come in with me.”

When the two beauties were about to post them again, they were pushed away by Zhan Hanxuan. Zhan Hanxuan circled the thin Grace, put one hand on her shoulder intimately, and walked inside with Grace.

Grace shrank her neck, this posture made her feel very uncomfortable.

By the way, there are even more excessive——

Zhan Hanxuan suddenly attached his mouth to her ears, and the warm breath lingered in her ears, “As long as you take care of me, project cooperation, I agree.”

Grace got goose bumps all over, what does this guy mean by asking her to serve him?

Is she a man now?

Is it because she wants to be crooked?

In order to save Yan’s enterprise, Grace can only bite the bullet and face the unknown risks.

Zhan Hanxuan took her straight to the third floor of the clubhouse. Grace saw the layout of the hotel-style rooms on both sides of the corridor and suddenly felt bloodshot in her forehead.

Crying without tears.

Is this guy bent?

Across the corridor, Jacob held Faith and met the person in charge of the clubhouse.

When passing by Zhan Hanxuan, Jacob suddenly stopped moving forward.

Grace’s eyes met Faith casually, and her guilty conscience quickly lowered her head, fearing that she would be recognized by Faith.

Faith fixedly looked at Grace’s ears-there were three pierced ears on the auricle!

“Brother, why are you here?” Zhan Hanxuan quickly released Grace and straightened up. The alcohol on his body was floating everywhere.

“Your sister-in-law has had a temper with me recently, and my people can’t find her everywhere, Han Xuan, if she hides here with you, protect her for me.” Jacob’s voice is the same. Icy.

Grace coughed.

Jacob was looking for her?

What’s the situation?

In order to get rid of him, she returned to Yan with all her heart and left all three children to him. Why didn’t he let her go?

Because Grace’s cough was guilty of conscience, Jacob couldn’t help but look at her.

“Han Xuan, take a moment. Don’t damage your kidneys.” Jacob said quietly.

When Grace heard these words, she immediately confirmed his guess. It turns out that Zhan Hanxuan is really a f*cking pervert-gay.

What about her? If she entered the room with him, wouldn’t she enter the tiger’s mouth?

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