Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 316

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Chapter 316

Zhan Hanxuan laughed uninhibitedly, “Thank you for the reminder. But, the best in this world is hard to find, and the beautiful scenery is rare. I, even if you don’t need these two kidneys tonight, I have to have a good time with the beauty.”

Grace was disgusted, her delicate face wrinkled, and she stared at Zhan Hanxuan in self-defense with her arms.

“Shao Xuan, I don’t sell myself. I only talk about business.”

Zhan Hanxuan was not too difficult for others, and reached out her hand to make a gesture of asking, “Then you go. Project cooperation, let’s write off.”

Grace was embarrassed instead.

Zhan Hanxuan raised Grace’s chin, “Reluctant to leave? Then wait on me obediently!”

Jacob glanced at Grace contemptuously, shook his head and left.

Faith suddenly turned and looked at Grace behind…

Jacob stretched out his hand to cover Faith’s eyes, “You’re—child—not—advisable.”

Faith’s voice seemed to come from the depths of the dust, low and thin, “Uncle Zhan, she has three ear pierces just like Mommy.”

The sound was like a python crawling into Jacob’s ears and piercing his tympanic membrane.

Jacob turned around suddenly…

I saw that Zhan Hanxuan was about to possess and k!ss Grace, and Grace’s eyes were clearly locked on him.

Seeing Jacob turning around, Grace was obviously guilty, and quickly reached out and hugged Zhan Hanxuan’s neck, closing his eyes and preparing to play an indescribable blockbuster with Zhan Hanxuan.

Only in this way can Jacob be suspicious.

Unexpectedly, Lord Zhan Hanxuan turned back in front of them, unexpectedly stretched out his palm, slashed it on Zhan Hanxuan’s neck, and Zhan Hanxuan fell to the ground.

Grace looked at the fainted Zhan Hanxuan, and then at the refrigerant Jacob, oiling the soles of his feet, just wanting to drive away——

“Sister Qing, take care of Faith for me. One hour is enough.” Jacob handed Faith in his arms to the beautiful young woman next to him.

“Yes, Master Sir.”

Others carried Zhan Hanxuan away wittily.

Grace also wanted to leave, but Jacob reluctantly stood in front of her like a mighty mountain.

“Don’t you want to talk about the project? Talk to me.”

Grace was very confused.

Jacob, a person who doesn’t trespass and has no business, what benefits can she get in front of him?

“Zhan Ye—this matter can only be discussed with Xuan Shao—” She swallowed.

Jacob’s eyes filled with a knowing smile.

“Han Xuan is my younger brother, you call me the Lord, and you call us two generations, is it appropriate?”

There is nowhere to search for iron shoes, and it is all effortless.

Grace was embarrassed. “That’s what everyone calls you!”

She also found it strange that they were obviously two brothers, so why the name Jacob was a generation higher.

“Change the name.”

Grace bit her lip, sh!t, so careless?

“Yes. Lord Zhan. When I see you in the future, all brothers will be renamed Lord! Lord Xuan!”

Jacob’s face sank slightly, “No need.”

Grace looked at him in shock, and reacted for a long time, “Then I will call you noble young master?”

What is this guy pretending to be tender? Wasn’t it good when he was called the war master before?

“Just call the name.”

Grace almost spit out blood-peat, are the warriors rich in perverts?

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