Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 281

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Chapter 281

Not only him!


Zhou Xian jumped in at this moment.

With Taigong Shen’s backing, he is more confident.

He stared at Shaun angrily, as if looking at his most hated enemy:

“Shaun, you are so shameless, you complained to our Lin Dong against me, and he fired me and banned me from hiring by any other hospital in the city!”

“I will not only scold you but I also want to beat you!”

Zhou Xian immediately took a step forward, waved his fist, and smashed at Shaun.


Seeing this scene, the guests standing there got shocked!

They didn’t expect that the Shen family’s party has not yet begun, and they have started to fight.

What surprised them in particular was, Taigong Shen and his family members didn’t seem to mean to stop them at all, they were happy to see Shaun been beaten.

Even Elvira wanted to stop, she thought that this is the Shen family, so she couldn’t do anything!


A huge sound of slap suddenly resounded in the banquet hall, and everyone got stunned to see that a person flew away at a distance.

It’s Zhou Xian!

Everyone saw that a bright red palm print appeared on Zhou Xian’s face, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.


Seeing this seen all the people around there got stunned.

This kid, dared to respond?

Zhou Xian and the Shen family were not believing, after all, this was the Shen family, and Shaun was so embarrassed that he has beaten Shen’s son-in-law in the Shen family’s house.

Elvira’s pretty face turned pale.

She had persuaded Shaun to be patient before, and Shaun had already agreed.

She thought that at first Zhou Xian has attacked Shaun and in response, Shaun slapped him.

But she is not sure that Shaun has started it!

It’s just that the things that will shock everyone more has just started!


After Shaun slapped Zhou Xian, he immediately took a step forward.

His eyes were cold, like a hungry wolf, after stepping forward he grabbed Zhou Xian who was still in shock:

“I was prepared to bear whatever Shen family going to say to me, but what type of sh!t you are!”

The words came out!


Another slap in Zhou Xian’s face.

“You want to beat me?”


Another slap resounded fiercely.


The Shen family, Elvira, and the guests around, all are in shock to see this scene.

They saw that Zhou Xian, who was very aggressive at first, was like a little chicken at this moment, got beaten by Shaun.

There are traces of Shaun’s hand on Zhou Xian’s face.

Zhou Xian has even lost his strength due to the several slaps on his face.

Blood is dripping from his mouth.

Teeth fell from the corner of his mouth.

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