Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 282

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Chapter 282

Shaun slapped Zhou Xian’s face fiercely until blood mist was splashed.

Shaun then threw Zhou Xian to the ground like a dead dog.

He turned his head and looked at the rest of the Shen family, his eyes got cold and gloomy:

“Who else wants to hit me!”


As soon as these words came out, Taigong Shen, Jian, and his wife, suddenly felt as if they were being stared at by a hungry wolf, scaring them to pee.

Especially when they saw that Zhou Xian’s face was completely bloody, they all got scared as hell.


This man is a madman.

Jian and others wanted to accuse Shaun, but when they saw the blood dripping down on Shaun’s palm, they could only swallow their spit, and they got completely silent.

“Okay! Since none of you want to hit me? Then forget this matter!”

That’s it!

Shaun shrugged and went straight to Elvira.

His face was always as flat as before as if nothing had happened.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the hall was silent for several minutes.

After a long time!

Only then did Taigong Shen reacted breaking the silence, and suddenly his old face became completely black.

“Useless waste! Cuiping, quickly help Zhou Xian to stand!”

Taigong Shen saw that Zhou Xian was still angry, and suddenly his nose was almost crooked.

He also wanted to see Zhou Xian beat Shaun violently and take his revenge.

But he never thought that Zhou Xian was so useless, and he got beaten by Shaun, which caused humiliation for the Shen family.

Thinking of this!

Taigong Shen glared at Shaun, and said coldly:

“Shaun, you don’t have to be proud, this is not the ending!”

“After the party, I will see you!”

Taigong Shen is longer interested in Shaun, and he stood up and said to the surrounding guests:

“Hahaha… a little thing at home, for your entertainment!”

Hearing this, the guests got relieved.

Suddenly, everyone walked towards him with gifts to congratulate.

“Taigong Shen, congratulations on signing such a big deal! This is a golden horse I brought, as a gift for you!”

“Taigong Shen, I spent a million on this calligraphy and painting and ordered it from abroad! I present it in your honor!”

“Taigong Shen, this tea set was used by a high-ranking official and nobleman in the Qing Dynasty! I will honor it to you today, and I wish to cooperate with your group in the future!”

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