Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 283

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Chapter 283

At this moment, many guests gave expensive gifts to Taigong Shen.

In these items, the cheapest one is worth five to six hundred thousand yuan.

The value is extraordinary.

Seeing this scene!

The younger uncle Jian on the main seat turned his eyes to Shaun and Elvira, in his eyes there is full of resentment and sarcasm:

“Elvira, I heard that your Bai Group is grooming! I don’t know what gift you have brought for your grandpa?”

Elvira’s pretty face turned pale instantly.

She was in rush and she brought Shaun to apologize to the Shen family.

She has brought some gifts but these gifts are not that expensive.

“Yeah? Cousin, you have not brought a gift, have you? You people always come empty-handed!” Shen Ling also began to sneer.

She wants Elvira to lose face, Elvira was ashamed, which means it is Shaun’s embarrassment.

“Hey… Maybe, Elvira, don’t want to have relations with us now!”

“Yeah, after all, her surname is Bai, not Shen! Just now her rubbish husband beat our son-in-law and she didn’t say anything!”


At this moment, the Shen family members ridiculing Elvira.

Elvira’s face got ugly, almost dripping gloomy.

She said to Taigong Shen:

“Grandpa, this time I was in hurry. So I have brought some supplements for you!”

That’s it!

Elvira put the gifts on the table.

Ginseng, deer antler, cordyceps…

They are all supplements, although they are not too expensive, the value is nearly 100,000 yuan.

These supplements were extremely shabby and pathetic compared with the treasures sent by the rest of the guests.

In an instant, the disgust and sarcasm on the complexion of Taigong Shen and all the Shen family became more intense.

“Cut! As expected the president of Bai Group has brought some cheap gifts, what do you think we haven’t seen something in our lives?”

“Yeah! She treated our Shen family as a beggar!”

“If it was me, then I would have no face to bring this thing! I would have been so embarrassed to take it out…”

Those sarcasm words are like slaps in the face, making Elvira’s pretty face shy and angry, and her body is trembling.

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