Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 284

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Chapter 284

Just at this moment!

A big hand suddenly hugged her.

Elvira only felt that warmth to the heart came from this big hand.

She turned around to see, it was Shaun.

“Shaun, you…”

Elvira looked at Shaun in dismay. She didn’t know what her husband was going to do.

Shaun smiled:

“They want to compare people with the gifts they had brought, they like money! So, let me do it!”


Everyone got shocked to hear Shaun’s words.

How come?

This kid is just a waste son-in-law of the Bai family. He doesn’t even have a job. What precious gifts can he bring?

Is this a joke?

At that moment, the surrounding Shen family wanted to laugh again.

However, before they started to laugh, they saw a scene that shocked them.

They saw Shaun stretch out one of his sleeves, and then gently snapped at a button on the cuff of his clothes!


There was a sound of thread breaking, and the buttons were suddenly torn off by Shaun.

Then, he put the button on the main position and looked at Taigong Shen with a calm expression:

“This is a gift for your Shen family!”


When Shaun said this, everyone got shocked instantly.

No matter it was the Shen family or the guests around, they couldn’t believe their ears.

A button!

It’s a gift!


When the reaction came over, all the Shen family and guests exploded, and there was noisy discussion.

“Does this kid have a problem with his mind? He tore off his buttons and made a gift for Taigong Shen?”

“Humiliation! I think this is his humiliation of the Shen family! What an idiot he is!”

“Hahaha..! In my whole life, this is the first time I have seen someone giving such a gift!”


A series of ridicule and contemptuous voices roared around.

The expressions of Taigong Shen and all the Shen family changed instantly.

“Lin…Shaun, are you humiliating our family?”

Taigong Shen’s muddy eyes stared at Shaun, with boundless flames of anger shining in them.

And the rest of the Shen family also looked at Shaun at this moment, as if they were looking at an idiot.

Seeing this reaction of the people around, Shaun’s complexion was still the same, he said to Taigong Shen:

“You’d better find an appraiser, make a special appraisal, This button is much more expensive than you think!”


When Shaun said these words, the atmosphere suddenly becomes violent, there is uproar in the hall.


How can a button was taken out of your clothes be this expensive?

Arranging an appraiser, for special appraisal?

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