Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 285

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Chapter 285

If this kid is not crazy then what he is!

“A**hole! Take your buttons back! You want to embarrass our family?”

Taigong Shen felt that Shaun was humiliating him.

After all, if he finds an appraiser to appraise a button that Shaun took off from his shirt, then he and the entire Shen family will completely become the laughing stock for everyone.

However, Shaun is not angry at all!

He said playfully:

“This button as a gift, are you sure you don’t want it?”

“Don’t!” Taigong Shen was furious. He was angry, he picked up the button from the table, and then threw it to the side:

“What a garbage thing, you dared to humiliate me!”

Ding-Ding Ding…

The button was immediately thrown three or four meters away from Taigong Shen and fell to the ground with a crisp sound.


However, when an elderly man heard this crisp sound at a position next to him, he got surprised.

This old man, looking fifty or sixty years old, is wearing reading glasses.

At this moment, he bent down and picked up the button from the ground.

Blow at the button!

Suddenly a buzzing sound like the wind came from the button.

Hearing this sound, the old man’s body shook fiercely, as if he had seen a treasure, and he looked carefully at the material of the button.


The more he looked, the his forehead started to sweat.

This scene stunned everyone in the banquet hall.

“Lao Zhang, why are you appraising this button for? To make jewelry. Isn’t this button made of diamonds? Hahaha…”

“Yes, Mr. Zhang! You won’t believe that kid’s gibberish? Who would use precious gems to make buttons!”


The surrounding guests laughed.

They know the identity of this old man.

He is one of the most famous jewelers in Jiang City. This time he came to seek a joint venture with the Shen family in the jewelry business.

Facing the ridicule of everyone around, this old man named Lao Zhang’, didn’t care at all, and just shook his head:

“No! This is not a diamond, nor it is a jewel!”


Hearing the firm result of Zhang Lao, no one got surprised to know.

Even Taigong Shen, as well as all the Shen family members’ faces, were full of ridicule.

Then, the trembling voice of Old Zhang came again:

“Yes! This is true, not jewelry a diamond! The value of this button is a hundred times more expensive than diamonds!”

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