Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 276

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Chapter 276

“Mr. Lin, my God! You are still a martial artist? No wonder you are very skillful at Bajiquan!”

“Yeah, Mr. Lin, the first time I saw the leaf, I thought it would pierce the trunk of a tree! This is incredible!”

“Little brother, what kind of kung fu master are you? Can you please teach me? It’s so incredible!”

At this moment, they all were in excitement.

They looked at Shaun, as if they are looking at a god, the admiration in their eyes says it all.

And Lao Kong asked nervously:

“Little sir, is there a problem with my Bajiquan skills?”


Now they came to know that Shaun was not talking nonsense.

After all, that scene frightened them.


Shaun nodded, then frowned and said:

“I don’t know, who exactly taught you this kind of Octopus boxing! This set of boxing looks mighty and domineering, but it will retrograde your blood. With time it will affect your blood vessels causing irreversible damage!”

“If you have practiced for three years, and when you fall asleep every day, your whole body aches, especially at the Tanzhong point!”


These words of Shaun instantly made Old Man Kong’s eyes widen.

That’s right!

It was extremely difficult for him to fall asleep every night. Originally, he thought it was due to his old injuries, so he didn’t even think about Bajiquan.

And now…

Cold sweat dripped from Kong Lao’s forehead:

“Mr. Lin, how long I will live?”

Hearing this, everyone there except Shaun got nervous.

after all!

Fei’s granddaughter is also practicing Bajiquan. Although not as long as Kong Lao.

“Half a year!”


When Shaun said this, the expressions of all changed abruptly.

Kong Lao has only six months to live!

Doesn’t that mean that the beautiful girl still has one and a half years of life?

No wonder, Shaun said before that if Fei’s family does not want another funeral, then you must stop practicing Bajiquan.

“Mr. Lin, you are an expert, please think of a solution! Kong Sheng is my old brother, and Fei Qingying is my only granddaughter! Please help them!”

Old Fei was completely panicked at this moment, he pleaded bitterly to Shaun:

“As long as you can save them, my Fei family will fulfill any wish of yours!”

For a moment!

Everyone looked at Shaun as if looking at the last straw.

And Shaun smiled slightly:

“Don’t panic! The way to save lives is very simple!”

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