Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 275

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Chapter 275



A cool breath came from his neck, accompanied by blood drops, slowly dripping.

How is this possible!

At this moment, the atmosphere in the courtyard is silent.

Almost everyone just feels that their heart is beating violently, as like it will pop out of their throat any time.

They looked at the leaf, which was like a blade inserted into the trunk of the ancient locust tree.

Everyone can hardly believe their eyes.

Especially Kong Lao!

He only felt a gust of cold air, and the sole of his foot instantly rushed to his forehead.

so close.

He could be sure that as long as Shaun moved the angle slightly inward at the moment when he took the shot, it was not the skin on the upper surface of his neck that was split, but his neck too!

“leaves hurt people! You… Are you a martial arts master?”


When he reacted, Kong Lao was almost scared to pee.

As a master of martial arts, he has heard of the miracle of plucking leaves that hurts people. Only those who reach the level of a master can infuse their inner breath into the real thing so that one flower and one leaf can hurt people…

It’s just that he has lived this long and has never seen the grandmaster with his own eyes, and now…

Shaun is so young, how could he be a master?


Shaun shook his head lightly:

“I am not a master!”


If you are not a master, how can you hurt people by picking leaves?

This is incredible.

It’s just that Kong Lao did know that the grandmaster’s so-called picking of leaves can hurt people. It required a huge amount of energy. The one who does this, his whole body power consumes that even he collapses.

But Shaun is different.

For him, doing the picking leaves technique is like child’s play.


In his eyes, he is the grandmaster.


At this moment, under the shocking sight of Fei Lao and others, Kong Lao didn’t hesitate and he knelt to the ground facing Shaun, his face full of panic and anxiety:

“Even if the little gentleman is not a master, he is far from me!”

“I got offensive to you, please forgive me! Thank you for not killing me!”

Old Kong is not stupid.

He knows that a person with such a skill cannot be an ordinary person.


Kong Lao and others who were witnessing this scene woke up from the shock and they shuddered with excitement!

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