Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 274

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Chapter 274


What is this…

The hearts of Fei Lao, Gao Lao, and the beautiful girl beating violently.

They have never seen such a type of arrogant person, especially disrespecting Kong Lao who is a well-known master of martial arts in Jiangnan Province!

Is this kind of person not qualified to worship as a teacher?

This is crazy.

At this moment, the three people next to Shaun looked like lunatics.

But it’s a pity that they don’t know! What Shaun said was all true.

Back then, whether it was the three thousand blood prison iron army he trained in the Caribbean or the five thousand dark armies cultivated in the Amazon jungle!

Pick one person randomly among them, and their one move can hurt the old Kong.

“So arrogant! So rampant!”

“Boy, you are going to die today!”

Old Kong has completely gone crazy.

His whole body was shaking, and then he clenched his hands into fists, and suddenly slammed away at Shaun with a violent whistling and breaking wind.

Vigorous and violent!

Powerful fist!

Exactly, the national martial arts Bajiquan!

“Mr. Lin, be careful…”

Fei Lao, Gao Lao, and the glamorous girl are thinking about Shaun that in reality, he is going to be hurt today.

At this moment, Shaun narrowly escaped from a ruthless punch of Old Kong.

That scared the three who are watching from the side.

Not only that!

Under the horrified eyes of the three of them, he slowly bent down and plucked a leaf from a green plant next to it.

Facing the attacking fist, gently wave the leaf!


Seeing this scene, the eyes of the three almost fell out.

What the hell is this?

When someone punches you, then you must retaliate. But Shaun still touched the flowers and threw a leaf at the opponent?

Isn’t he looking for death?

For an instant, the three seemed to have seen that Shaun was knocked on the body by Kong Lao, knocked to the ground in embarrassment.

Suddenly, they got shocked to find that the leaf that Shaun threw did not fly and fall, it went forward like a blade!


A dull sound resounded afterward.

The whole world seemed to be quiet.

Fei, Gao, and the girl widened their eyes. They saw the leaf that flew past Kong Lao’s neck and stabbed into something next!

Not only them!

Kong Lao’s forward-looking figure was also completely stiff.

His eyes were round as if he had discovered something incredible.

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