Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 319

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Chapter 319

“You…recognize me?” Grace touched her short, neutral and flowing hair, wishing to cry without tears.

In order to successfully evade his search, she even cut off her beautiful black hair, but she did not expect to roll over so quickly, but one day, she was recognized by this guy?

She used to slap Matt at random and could fool him for so long.

Oh, failure, failure.

“How did you recognize me?” Grace asked humbly in order to learn from the lesson of failure and to protect herself from lightning next time.

Jacob raised his hand to pinch her thin earlobe. Under the backlight, the lovely earlobe was glowing with transparent light. “Grace, don’t try to escape again, because I remember every mark on you. Even if you turn into ashes, I can recognize you!”

Grace looked like death, “Would you like to try it?”

Seeing Grace’s restless stubborn eyes, Jacob’s smile couldn’t reach the bottom of his eyes. “It seems that you will never behave unless you clean up.”

He stood up, pulled out his belt, and tied her hands.

“What are you going to do?”

“For a woman who is not well-behaved, she will naturally be punished.” He walked to the window and pulled the heavy curtain up.

Indoors, the light became dim.

Then he turned back to her, like a fierce lion overlooking his prey with a coquettish laugh.

“Escape once, do it ten times.”

Grace looked at him in horror, “Abnormal.”

“I’m only perverted to you.”

“I won’t hurt you.” His voice was hoarse with a touch of sexy.

Grace stared at him blankly, “Zhan Ye, do you love me?” She asked stupidly.

After asking, she regretted it.

Not everyone is like her, thinking that only when love and s3x are highly unified is the most flawless love.

A man is a thinking animal in the lower part of the body, not to mention him, there is never a lack of the pursuit of ladies and ladies around him, and he can’t be wronged to solve his physical needs with five-finger girls.

“Can’t my actions explain the problem?” he asked.

Grace only felt that this ambiguous posture made her blush and heartbeat, don’t look too hard to look into his eyes.

“Do it a few more times, and you will deeply appreciate my love.” He kissed her in his possession.


Outside the window, they don’t know when it rained heavily.

Grace looked at the man sleeping beside her. Those familiar eyebrows faded from the rebelliousness of last year’s youth, adding a touch of cold and mature charm.

Only when he is asleep, he will be completely cold, just like a big boy, peaceful and harmless like a baby.

Grace stretched out her hand and gently painted his eyebrows. His thick eyebrows were clearly unmodified, but they looked like Qingdai from a distant mountain, thick black and handsome.

The long and narrow eyeliner rises slightly at the end of his eyes. He is a standard peachy eye. He clearly has a pair of eyes that are unparalleled and charming, but they are as cold as an ice cellar, keeping people thousands of miles away.

She stretched out her hand and pressed his upright nose. An uncle who was over 30 years old had no blackheads, fine pores, fair and delicate skin, which made her feel ashamed as a woman.

His eyelashes trembled…

Realizing that he might be awake, she quickly raised her hand, and when she wanted to retract, a big hand caught her wrist, and then she put her hand on his lips and kissed him.

Grace: “…”

Is this guy…wake up?

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