Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 320

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Chapter 320

If he found out that she had just sneaked on him, wouldn’t she be embarrassed?

She pulled out her hand vigorously, but he suddenly circled her with a big hand and hugged her into his arms. His chin rested on her forehead.

This action is only between lovers, right?

Grace didn’t dare to move.

“Are you hungry?” As soon as he woke up, his voice was really lazy into the bones, with damn allure.

It was noon, Grace was so hungry that her chest was stuck to his back.

But she was inexplicably dependent on his embrace and didn’t want to get up.

Shaking her head, “Not hungry.”

However, this gentle string was destroyed by the sudden sound of the whistle, and suddenly Zhan Hanxuan’s angrily slapped the door downstairs.

“Jacob, come out for me.”

Grace got up in shock, and put on a suspender skirt quickly.

Jacob sat up slowly and pulled her back to the bed, “You continue to sleep, I will call you after breakfast.”

He was like a mermaid, walking around in front of her.

The thin body is really beautiful, with wide shoulders, narrow waist and long legs, and the proportions are perfect to be faultless.

He took out the clothes from the closet, and looked back to see Grace looking at him idiotically—the corners of his lips raised slightly.

“Does it look good?”

Grace only felt ashamed of herself, covering her eyes with her hands, ashamed to find a place to sew in.

“Master Zhan, please avoid suspicion.”

“I thought, every part of my body, what should be seen, what should not be seen, you have seen it. Is there any need to avoid suspicion?” He said confidently.

Grace wanted to bite off her tongue and swallow it into her stomach. Why is she messing with him?

Jacob put on his clothes, and looked at the shy Grace in a well-dressed dress, “Do you know what Zhan Hanxuan is here for?”

Grace took her hand away from her eyes and looked at him suspiciously.

Jacob evil spirit smiled and left.

Grace: “…” I always feel that there is poison in this man’s eyes!

Grace’s curiosity was aroused. After he left, she quickly got up from the bed and chose a neutral-looking menswear set in the closet. She just stood in front of the full-length mirror and saw that her Zhang had obviously concealed it. Grace was dumbfounded when her face was exposed to the air with pure plain face.

Did Jacob help her remove makeup?

Then she can’t be Lin Zheng now.

Frustrated, she stuffed the men’s clothing back into the closet, re-selected a set of women’s clothing, put it on her body, and opened the door to go out.

Downstairs, as soon as Jacob opened the door, Zhan Hanxuan, who was soaked in the soup, yelled angrily.

“Why did you come to open the door so late? It made me soaked up, Ah Xi——” Zhan Hanxuan said as he walked inside.

“What are you doing?” Jacob asked coldly.

Zhan Hanxuanru went to his home and took off his wet coat and soaked shirt.

Jacob glanced at the little woman hiding on the escalator on the second floor.

Commanded coldly, “Put it on.”

Zhan Hanxuan mentioned the dripping jacket, “Are you kind of human? My clothes are so wet, you still let me wear them?”

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