Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 288

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Chapter 288

Its collection value is simply unimaginable, and it may be worth tens of millions or even more after some years.

At that moment, Grandpa Shen wanted to slap himself severely.

He has thrown away the button, thinking it is a cheap thing and not worth a gift.


Da da da!

Under the shocking eyes of everyone, Zhang Lao held this button in both hands, as if holding a holy object walked towards Shaun.

He carefully handed it to him.

Then, he glanced at Shaun’s clothes curiously and asked:

“Little sir, I confirm to you again that the button on your clothes is the tooth of the dragon shark that was auctioned some years back.”


Hearing this!

The people around, are not believing their ears.

Yes, the button that Shaun offered as a gift is Dragon Shark’s Teeth. What about the other buttons on his clothes?

He has more than a dozen buttons on his shirt, are they all are precious?

Hearing this!

Shaun nodded and shook his head again.

Nodded because the buttons of his clothes were indeed made of dragon shark teeth.

And shook his head, because the dragon shark tooth was not the one that the Americans got.

He has obtained these from a deep-sea dragon shark that he beheaded in the Caribbean Sea.

In the beginning, Italian top designer Catherine designed an imperial outfit worth hundreds of millions, but she couldn’t found a button that matches the shirt.


Shaun handed all the teeth of the dragon shark to Catherine.

There is another point, perhaps Zhang Lao and everyone can not imagine.

Each of his buttons although they look small, they are not part of the dragon shark’s teeth, but a whole dragon shark’s teeth.

These buttons are formed after many dragon shark teeth were polished for a long time!


At this moment, everyone in the entire banquet hall looked at Shaun in disbelief.

Looking at his slightly worn casual outfit and the buttons on it, many guests felt a tingling scalp.

How this is possible.

This is so incredible!

A single button is worth two to three million, and a dozen buttons are worth thirty to forty million!

It’s almost like carrying a vault.

But they don’t know!

In addition to the buttons, Shaun’s clothes alone are worth more than 100 million yuan, and the buttons used on them are even more expensive than the imperial outfits, worth more than 100 million US dollars, equivalent to nearly one billion Chinese coins!

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