Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 321

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Chapter 321

Jacob’s eyes were like a knife, as if he was about to cut a thousand swords against Hanxuan.

Zhan Hanxuan compromised and put his soaked shirt back on, “Well, I’m afraid of you. Isn’t it just taking off your clothes, and not taking advantage of you, as for putting on a dead face?”

“What are you doing?” Jacob walked to the kitchen after asking.

Zhan Hanxuan is like a little tail. Wherever Jacob goes, he will follow him, “What do I do, don’t you know? You are in my place, the man who robbed me, do you still have me in your eyes? This brother?”

Jacob looked at the door that was closed by Han Xuan, turned back, and left the kitchen door wide open… to ensure that the conversation between the two brothers could be heard clearly by a little woman.

Zhan Hanxuan really lived up to his expectations, and he kept chattering, “Don’t let your debts go, you stunned me last night and took Lin Zheng as your own. People on several floors of the club heard Lin Zheng’s howling. You said what did you do to him?”

Standing in front of the console, Jacob said casually while preparing breakfast, “Oh. Is it that exaggeration?”

Zhan Hanxuan was angrily, “More than that? I called it several times in one night, I really can’t tell.”

Jacob’s eyes shot towards the second floor escalator with unknown meaning…

Grace’s face was as red as a monkey’s a$s at the moment.

She was so crazy with him in the club last night? Will she still dare to show others like Lin Zheng in the future?

“Since I know she is my person, dare to come and hate it?” Jacob swiped the knife in his hand, and the cold light of the blade’s edge fell on Zhan Hanxuan’s face impartially.

Zhan Hanxuan shrank back unexpectedly, but Jacob used his knife to cut vegetables…

Zhan Hanxuan patted his chest and exhaled, “I scared the baby to death.”

When Jacob achieved his goal, he unceremoniously issued an order to dismiss the guest, “Have you finished talking? You can go now.”

Zhan Hanxuan had a sense of tragic and heroic life and fear of death, “You return Lin Zheng to me!”

“I’ll say it again, she is mine.” Jacob said coldly.

“Brother, you are a man of the imperial capital’s hot search list, you can’t make mistakes. You said if I stabbed you out of the scandal that you are bisexual, would you still have the face to go out?” Zhan Hanxuan is not afraid of the threat of death Tao.

Grace was shocked to open her mouth into a standard circle-Jacob turned out to be bisexual?

“Do you have the guts to try?”

Jacob warmed up two portions of milk, grilled two portions of steak, and walked to the restaurant with his breakfast plate.

Zhan Hanxuan sat unceremoniously next to him, staring at the tender and delicious steak, his eyes gleaming, “Even if you are a bit human, I will let you Lin Zheng for steak.”

Jacob guarded his knife and fork on the plate, and glanced at him, “Not for you.”

Looking at Grace on the escalator, “Come down to eat.”

Zhan Hanxuan’s gaze followed Jacob’s gaze, and when he saw a delicate girl coming down the escalator, she was astonished as petrified.

“f*ck…Big brother, Jinwu Cangjiao!”

Grace nodded politely to Zhan Hanxuan, then moved to the side of Jacob, picked up the dinner plate and moved it aside.

Jacob suddenly grabbed her dinner plate and placed it next to him, his eyes falling to the position next to him. “sit down.”

Grace moved slowly in front of him and sat down.

Zhan Hanxuan seemed to have discovered the New World. Pi Dian Pi Dian detoured in front of Grace and raised Lanhua’s fingertips and asked sharply, “Oh, beauty, what’s her name?”

Grace was choked by his pseudonymous voice and movements.

Jacob stared at Zhan Hanxuan displeasedly, “Sister-in-law.”

Zhan Hanxuan said, “Sister-in-law? Who do you deceive? There is only one prospective sister-in-law, that is Grace, the crude and ignorant country girl.”

Grace coughed more fiercely, and even choked with tears.

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