Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 322

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Chapter 322

“Zhan Hanxuan, how could you be so rude to your sister-in-law?” Grace couldn’t make a fuss at him.

Zhan Hanxuan laughed instead of anger, “Oh, are you kind? You actually held an injustice for my poor sister-in-law. But I didn’t deliberately harm her. You asked my brother, is my sister-in-law vulgar and ignorant? Superficial and uneducated? Is it a country girl?”

Grace’s gaze moved to Jacob, her starry eyes widened.

Zhan Hanxuan looked at Jacob, waiting for his eldest brother to help him prove it.

Jacob said slowly, “Your sister-in-law has a good heart, and Ikea is a good room. You can’t vomit ivory from your dog’s mouth.”

Zhan Hanxuan: “…”

Grace: “…”

Zhan Hanxuan drew his ears, “Brother, I heard you right? You didn’t say that before. You said that a woman like sister-in-law has a typical big breast and no brain. The purpose of marrying her is because she is easy to control. Will give you trouble…”

Jacob’s gaze is like a scalpel, he wants to cut and deboning Zhan Hanxuan——

It happened that someone didn’t die, “I used to wonder how a shrewd man like you could marry such a stupid woman. Today I finally figured it out. This way, you can keep the red flag at home and the colorful flags fluttering outside. Brother, this trick is too smart. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Grace slapped the knife and fork on the steak, stood up, and said with a black face, “I’m full.”

Then walk away.

Zhan Hanxuan looked at Grace, “Beauty, are you jealous of my sister-in-law? That’s unnecessary. My brother will not give anything sincerely to my sister-in-law.”

Grace looked at Zhan Hanxuan bitterly, “Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t know.” Zhan Hanxuan shook his head.

Grace punched out, Zhan Hanxuan’s nosebleeds.

“Your whole family are idiots.” Grace cursed and left angrily.

Zhan Hanxuan clutched his nose and filed a complaint with Jacob, “Big Brother, she hit me? f*ck, too sturdy.”

Jacob drank milk gracefully, “Deserve it.”

“Can you have a little love for me, I am your brother, how can you just watch your horse hit me? You say, is it important to me or to her?”

“She was.”

Zhan Hanxuan stunned.

A long time later, I heard Zhan Hanxuan’s frustrated voice, “I finally recognize you thoroughly today.”

Zhan Hanxuan lay weakly on the dining chair, “The man you robbed me last night, and you fooled around with other women today, your private life is more chaotic than anyone else. I’m going back and telling grandpa!”

Jacob said, “She is your sister-in-law-Grace.”

Zhan Hanxuan fell to the ground with a slap, with brilliant expressions on his face.


Then he hurt her like that, no wonder she would be angry!

“Brother, are you blind? Let me interview you. Which eye do you see that your sister-in-law is crude, ignorant, superficial and vulgar?”

Is it a pure beauty?

Jacob looked at her speechlessly, “I never said this.”

Zhan Hanxuan stunned, “Big Brother, did you clearly say that? Will a lying nose grow?”


Zhan Hanxuan: You turned your face and refused to admit it?

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