Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 323

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Chapter 323

Grace was very depressed.

From Zhan Hanxuan’s mouth, she learned that she was a fool in the hearts of the Zhan family.

She was so stupid that she wanted to do something earth-shattering to blind their titanium alloy dog eyes.

Looking at the anklet on the bed, tears of humiliation flashed under his eyes.

She shouldn’t stay in this ghost place for a moment.

Jacob wanted to imprison her and dream.

Grace opened the window and estimated the distance between the second floor and the ground, which was about five meters away.

Grace tied the iron chain to her body, tied the other end to the window, and then climbed on the smooth wall like Spiderman.

Living room on the first floor.

Zhan Hanxuan was stunned by Jacob’s Lei Yan Lei Yu, and he felt a huge black shadow in front of him.

“Spiderman?” Zhan Hanxuan looked at Grace on the glass wall and cried out in shock.

With his back to the glass wall, Jacob was holding his shoulders and joking with Zhan Hanxuan. He suddenly heard the words “Spiderman” and his face turned black.

Turning around suddenly, he saw Grace trembling in the air. His heart raised his throat, “sh!t!”

Is this girl going to die?

Jacob rushed over, but this wall did not open the window. Only through the transparent glass, he saw Grace show a treacherous smile at him.

“Grace…How dare you…” Before he finished speaking, Grace untied the iron chain around her waist, jumped on the ground with a bang, made a grimace at him, then turned and ran.

Zhan Hanxuan was dumbfounded.

“What kind of strange creature is this? Wow, it’s so exciting, dare to provoke the Yama King in the Imperial Capital?”

Jacob chased it out with full strength, “Grace, stop!”

Zhan Hanxuan chased it out and said enthusiastically, “There is a good show to watch.”

Seeing Jacob chasing her, Grace ran to the street in a panic, lay across the middle of the road, opened her arms and intercepted the passing vehicles.

Jacob was so shocked that he stopped and didn’t dare to force her too tight for fear that she would take the risk.

Zhan Hanxuan ran up, looking curiously at the suddenly stopped Jacob, “Big Brother, why didn’t you chase?”

Jacob’s pupils ran out, angry like a lion.

Zhan Hanxuan said, “I’ll help you chase, I’m the best at chasing people? If I don’t chase the opponent to death, I am not Zhan Hanxuan.”

“Retreat.” Jacob scolded.

Zhan Hanxuan’s feet were stuck in the air, and he understood a little bit now. “No, brother, don’t you tell you that you are worried about her?”

A sports car rushed over and stopped in front of Grace.

Grace opened the window and sat in, and the sports car galloped away.

Zhan Hanxuan looked at Jacob, who was getting cold all over, unconsciously stepped back.

“Big brother, don’t be angry, I’ll remember the license plate number for you. The license plate number of the Imperial Capital, 438-dead 38, f*cking, why is this license plate so cheap?”

“Check me immediately, Master 438.” Jacob’s voice was cold to the bone.

Zhan Hanxuan took out his mobile phone and immediately lit it.

After checking the results, Zhan Hanxuan swallowed his mouth and raised his phone in front of Jacob’s eyes.

“Brother, sister-in-law eloped with Bai Suyuan?”

“It’s just a coincidence.” Jacob corrected him depressed.

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