Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 325

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Chapter 325

Only Jacob and Bai Suyuan were left in the living room.

Obviously it is Bai Suyuan’s home, but Bai Suyuan has an illusion: as if this is Jacob’s home court.

His aura is too strong and it is chilling.

Jacob took the cigarette out of his mouth, and his frowns revealed the domineering power of the king.

Squeezing out the sparks of the cigarette fiercely, his eyes were cold and looked towards Bai Suyuan. “Why, nothing to tell me?”

Bai Suyuan was shocked…

Since he took the initiative to find the door, why should he speak first?

“Zhan Shao, if people don’t talk secretly, you came to me for Grace, right?”

“Not too dumb.”

Bai Suyuan burst into sweat, why did he feel like he was an idiot when talking to this great god?

“Then I will tell you the truth, Grace has left the imperial capital.” Bai Suyuan said.

Jacob eyes flashed, “Do you know the consequences of lying to me?”

Bai Suyuan shrugged, “How dare I.”

“Bai Suyuan, I just wanted to remind you,” Jacob’s lips and teeth lightly opened, and he said word by word: “The baby I Jacob put on the tip of my heart, whoever hurts her half hair, I will let His ancestors are not at peace for 18 generations!”

Bai Suyuan’s smile condensed in the corner of his eyes.

He used to hear others say that Jacob was the reincarnation of King Shura, but he didn’t think he was terrible.

But just now, when Jacob threatened him, instead of threatening him with a living person, threatening him with his deceased mother really made him shudder.

This man is terrible.

Jacob stood up, his voice still very soft, “Bai Suyuan, protect her for me.”

Bai Suyuan’s scalp is numb, why, he clearly said so religiously, Jacob still knows that he is lying?

After Jacob left, Bai Suyuan fell heavily on the sofa.

It was as if a storm was on top of the head, coming fast and going fast.

That night, Bai Suyuan had many nightmares again and again. So that when I got up in the morning, my two beautiful eyes were so swollen and soaked as goldfish, and there was still a cyan shadow under the eyelashes.

Bai Suyuan didn’t even have the mood for breakfast, and came to the company gloomily.

He considered it countless times in his heart. The final decision: In order not to sin against the Great Demon Lord Jacob, he sacrificed Grace to persuade her to retreat and let her return to Jacob obediently.

However, all his thoughts were overturned after seeing his beautiful assistant.

At the entrance of the Bai’s Central Building, Grace wore a red v-neck halter dress. Her sexy and graceful figure was wrapped in the skirt just right.

Long wavy curly hair, pinned to the hair with a fish-shaped diamond hairpin at the sideburns, looks very charming and is truly a natural beauty.

Milky white glowing skin, well-groomed eyebrows, a pair of inner twins and phoenix eyes wide-eyed like a smile but not a smile, seductive and sultry.

“Su Yuan.” Grace looked at Bai Su Yuan and looked forward to flying, with a sweet smile.

Bai Suyuan was so scared that he almost fell on the steps, “rose?”

Grace walked over and helped him up.

“It’s me. Do you think I’m s**y?” Grace turned around.

Bai Suyuan saw his eyes straight. The nosebleeds came out. He raised the back of his hand and wiped his nosebleed, regretting it, “You dress up like this, and you haven’t harmed other men, so you’ll harm me first.”

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