Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 326

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Chapter 326

Grace looked at him bitterly, “Didn’t you make me a little bit sexy?”

“Yes, I just made you a little bit sexy. But you are too much, you know? Your v-neck is too low and your back leaks too much. I watched the whole body catch fire. I have to go to the office to put out the fire now.” Bai Suyuan quickened his pace Walked to the office.

“Fire?” Grace couldn’t help laughing, “How do you want to put out the fire?”

Bai Suyuan kept walking, and answered Grace suddenly, “In addition to the five-finger girl, can I expect you to put out the fire? If I have a trace of evil thoughts about you, someone will make me have nightmares every day.”


Bai Suyuan couldn’t wait to open the office door and shut Grace outside with a bang. Grace stood at the door and said, “Then you hurry up. Oh, what’s going on here! There is no concentration at all.”

After half an hour, Bai Suyuan opened the door.

Grace raised her wrist to look at her watch, and smiled, “Is it pretty fast?”

Bai Suyuan’s face turned dark, “Do you read too much meat, thinking that men in reality are all long-lasting types?”

Grace smiled happily, “Don’t worry, President Bai, I won’t poke your secret out.”

Bai Suyuan slapped his forehead. He is a normal man. How could he feel ashamed of being short and quick?

Looking back, seeing Grace bending over with a smile, Bai Suyuan said with shame, “I see, are you comparing me to someone? Honestly, how long does it take him once?”

Grace’s face turned red in an instant, and he muttered, “Who, who is it?”

Bai Suyuan became interested, and sat uninhibited in front of Grace, “Jacob! Don’t tell me you haven’t done it with him, you still have children. You said, how long does it take him once?”

Grace covered her face, eyes peeking from her fingers, “It’s longer than you anyway.”

“He took the medicine, right?” Bai Suyuan was not convinced.

“You just knocked the medicine.” Grace went back without hesitation.

Bai Suyuan looked at Grace who was defending Jacob, “How much do you love him? I say he can’t say anything bad.”

Grace sighed, maintaining him has become a habit.

“I will not do it again.”

Bai Suyuan said, “It’s alright, I’m working.”

When it comes to work, the two men stopped gagging and became particularly serious.

Bai Suyuan threw a stack of folders in front of Grace, “This is the big red script of the female platinum novelist Xingyue. In order to change the sluggish film industry, we are going to spend a lot of money to buy the IP. But Zhan, Yan seems to be very interested in this drama. We need to think of a strategy to buy its copyright from Yan Shi at the lowest price.”

Grace flipped through the script, wondering, “The Yan family is in poverty, and how can I have the funds to buy a hot IP drama?”

Bai Suyuan said, “The dead camel is bigger than the horse. Besides, Yan also wants to use this opportunity to bring it back to life.”

Grace then returned to her cubicle holding the script, “President Bai, let me take a look.”

After that, she spent five whole days without sleep, reading this scripture through ancient Chinese.

Bai Suyuan was very dissatisfied, “rose, I let you come to work, not let you read novels.”

Grace smiled, “President, the book is very good, the subject is the popular male protagonist, the workplace plot is ups and downs, and there is positive energy. It is worth spending a little bit of time with the battle.”

Bai Suyuan thought for a while, “Since you have the guts to head-to-head with Zhan’s, let’s go over and talk this afternoon.”

“Good.” Grace readily agreed.

Suddenly Bai Suyuan thought of something and reminded her, “You have to be mentally prepared to fight the Zhan clan and you can’t avoid meeting him.”

Grace condensed slightly, “I see.”

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