Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 291

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Chapter 291


Fei family!

After hearing Elvira’s envious words, Shaun got slightly startled, and his expression suddenly became weird.

He also did not expect that it would be Fei Changqing’s family who came to sign a deal with the Shen family.

It’s more than that!

Da da da!

As expected some high-profile people walked in through the gate of Shen’s house.


After seeing the old man coming, Elvira got hesitated, and then she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“It’s… it’s him!”

Elvira remembered that just before coming, she had seen this person with Shaun!

“It’s him!”

When she heard that Taigong Shen called the old man in the Tang suit “Mr. Fei”, Elvira got stunned.

“I remember, he is the richest man in Yunhai City!”

“According to the rumor, he started from scratch and built a huge Fei Group! The industry under his name is not only in Yunhai City but also in the entire Jiangnan Province!”

“No wonder, I have seen before!”

Elvira’s heart beat wildly.

Then she turned her beautiful eyes and looked at Shaun who was next to her:

“Shaun, tell me the truth, how do you know Fei Changqing?”

“What is the relationship between you and him?”

Elvira looked at her husband with confusion in her eyes.

after all!

In everyone’s eyes, Shaun is just a crap person who has no job and no ability to do anything.

But now, one of his cloth’s buttons cost is equivalent to the wealth of a rich man, and he has relations with the Fei family.

This simply subverted Elvira’s cognition.

Hearing this!

Shaun just shrugged and said:

“Actually, I had met him once before and Gao Zhiyuan introduced him to me!”


Elvira stared at Shaun and found that his expression was calm, so obviously, he is not lying.

At the moment, Elvira breathes a sigh of relief, her eyes were slightly lost:

“In the future, I would have to contact the Fei family. After all, they have relations with Tianlong Xu! If you accidentally offend, it will be a disaster for us!”

Elvira has a complicated mind.

She hopes that her husband has strong connections, but she is afraid that Shaun’s character will run into those big men.

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