Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 292

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Chapter 292

Hearing Elvira’s advice, Shaun just nodded his head.

He obviously wouldn’t bother to know Fei Changqing!

Because in his perception these people do not have the qualifications to know him.

But at this moment, Shaun looked at the Shen family with a hint of playfulness and weirdness.

As if to watch a good show.

“Hahaha… Mr. Fei, I didn’t expect you to come here in person!”

Taigong Shen’s old face was almost blooming, smiling and flattering.

Not only him!

Behind him, Jian, second aunt, and others were all in delight.

Seeing this scene!

Fei Changqing couldn’t help smiling, and said warmly:

“Shen, don’t be too polite! Actually, I am here to thank a relative of your Shen family! It is all due to him that I and my granddaughter have a prosperous life!”

“I have to say, your relative is a dragon and phoenix among the people, a peerless talent!”


After hearing Fei Changqing’s words all Shen family members got shocked.

Thanking a relative of the Shen family?

And listening to this, his relative saved the lives of Fei Changqing and his granddaughter.

In particular, he was able to win the praise of a big man like Fei Changqing as a “dragon and phoenix among people, peerless talent”.

This is simply unimaginable.

Taigong Shen and others were completely confused.

They want to break their heads, but they can’t figure out about whom he is talking.

“Mr. Fei, I don’t know about whom you are talking…” Taigong Shen asked curiously.

Hearing this!

All the Shen family members and many guests looked at Fei Changqing. Obviously, they were also very eager to know the person who was so respected by a big man like Fei Changqing.

Seeing everyone in confusion, Fei Changqing smiled slightly before saying the name ‘Shaun’!

At this moment!

Fei Qingqing on the side pulled her grandfather’s clothes, then pointed to the back of the crowd, and said in surprise:

“Grandpa, look there…”

Old Fei got startled, and immediately followed his granddaughter’s finger and looked behind the crowd.

But when he saw Shaun behind the crowd, Fei Changqing’s body trembled, and a trace of excitement and ecstasy suddenly appeared on his face.

“Unexpectedly, the little gentleman is here too!”

Fei Changqing was full of surprises.

After all, just parting with Shaun, and meeting again in a blink of an eye, is an unimaginable fate.

Little sir?

Hearing this, Taigong Shen and all the Shen family got confused.

Then they started to look at the back of the crowd, but they didn’t find any special person behind the crowd.

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