Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 293

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Chapter 293

“Huh? Is that gentleman is Shaun?”

“Impossible! Shaun is a waste and he has no friends. How could he know Fei Lao!”

“That’s right! The trash is in the corner. Fei Lao must be talking about another person!”


At this moment, Jian and others were talking quietly.

When Fei Changqing heard their discussion, his expression changed instantly.

Shaun waste?

At this moment, Fei Changqing, after watching Shen family facing Shaun and pointing, with a look of contempt and disgust on their face, he instantly understood something.

Right now, he pointed to Elvira’s table, and then asked Taigong Shen:

“Shen, the lady and the gentleman at that table look extraordinary! I wonder if they are from your Shen family?”


At this moment, Fei Changqing was deliberately testing the Shen family’s attitude towards Shaun.

“Mr. Fei, that lady is my granddaughter and the young man next to her husband!”

“Oh… I will not hide from you, he is a waste, has no job, and is incapable of doing anything.


No one in the Shen family noticed that Fei Changqing’s expression has changed.

His eyelids jumped wildly, looking at Taigong Shen and Shen’s family as if he was looking at a group of idiots.


Just when Taigong Shen continued to say his bad words to Shaun!


Fei Changqing took a deep breath, then under the stunned expression of all the Shen family, led Fei Qingying, Kong Lao, Gao Lao, and walked towards Shaun’s location!

“Fei…Mr. Fei…”

Taigong Shen got confused by Fei Lao’s sudden change of attitude.

Not only him!

The Shen family behind, as well as all the guests, were all dumbfounded.

What…what’s going on?

what happened!

Jian and others while looking at each other got stunned.

They can’t believe their eyes.

Fei Changqing with his people went near Shaun and Elvira’s table.

Under everyone’s horrified eyes!

They all bowed in front of Shaun:

“Little sir, we meet again!”

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