Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 327

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Chapter 327

Xinghui Cultural City.

When Bai Suyuan brought Grace to the Cultural City, he did not unexpectedly collide head-on with the people of the Zhan clan.

“Shao Xuan?” Bai Suyuan stood still and bowed slightly against Han Xuan.

Zhan Hanxuan came over, put a hand on Bai Suyuan’s shoulder, smiling beautifully, “Brother Bai, you are too late, I have already negotiated the copyright of the works of Xingyue Great God.”

Bai Suyuan’s gaze shot towards Grace next to him.

Grace understood, stepped forward, Yingying smiled, “Xuan Shao and Xinghui have not signed the contract yet, everything is unknown.”

Provocation is full of meaning.

Zhan Hanxuan immediately cast his gaze on Grace, and sighed, “Brother Bai, where did you find such a stunner? My little mouth is very smart.”

Bai Suyuan deliberately scolded Grace, “rose, this is the second young master of the Zhan family. Don’t be rude to him.”

Grace retreated.

Zhan Hanxuan sneered, “You two sing and agree with each other, is there a tacit understanding?”

Bai Suyuan smiled without saying a word.

Zhan Hanxuan said again, “I am also very curious, can your knowledge, Brother Bai, support your courage?”

Grace said, “Don’t worry, Shao Xuan, we have the courage to know people. It will definitely make you admire.”

Zhan Hanxuan’s gaze was once again focused on Grace, “Anyone who can snatch meat from the Zhan clan’s mouth is not yet born!”

Before Zhan Hanxuan left, he deliberately touched Bai Suyuan Qingjun’s face lightly, and said ambiguously, “Brother Bai-I admire your courage.”

Bai Suyuan smiled awkwardly.

After Zhan Hanxuan left, Grace took the initiative to retreat one meter away from Bai Suyuan.

Bai Suyuan stared at her viciously, “What do you mean?”

Grace smiled, “Shao Xuan admires you very much.”

Bai Suyuan said depressed, “He admires more men.”

“Are you… jealous?” Grace cautiously asked.

Bai Suyuan glared at her angrily, “Do you want me to prove it to you. My sexual orientation is very straight!”

Grace patted her forehead helplessly, “Why always talk to you about such boring topics?”

Bai Suyuan is also very rascal, “Who didn’t let us have a good start when we first met?”

Grace only then remembered that she and Bai Suyuan met for the first time. He was drugged and talked irrationally. Since then, he has been a little informal in front of her.

“Here.” Bai Suyuan reminded, looking at the office with the “Xinghui Culture” sign in front.

Grace breathed a sigh of relief, preparing to fight a fierce battle.

The person in charge of Xinghui Culture heard that their purpose was to sell the copyright of Xingyue’s novel, and immediately said embarrassed, “Sorry, Shao Bai, the copyright of this book has been sold to Xuan Shao.”

Bai Suyuan sat comfortably, his eyes fell on Grace.

Grace looked at the name tag affixed to the person in charge and smiled coquettishly, “Brother Chen, we have already met Xuan Shao just now.”

“Oh?” The person in charge was surprised.

Then began to open up his mind: Since Zhan Hanxuan didn’t stop them from entering, it must be because the two generations had made good friends, and he had the heart to give the Bai family a chance.

“Our price is ten points less than Xuan. What do you think?” Grace asked.

The person in charge looked embarrassed, “This—”

Grace took advantage of the momentum to pursue, “It can’t be more, you know, we still have to give Xuan less condolences.”

The person in charge showed a clear expression.

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