Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 296

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Chapter 296


When waiters brought food and drinks, many guests in the banquet hall ate without knowing the taste while listening to the peals of laughter of Fei Changqing and others.

In the entire banquet hall, it seems that there is only Fei Changqing, Elvira and Shaun were at the table, which is the most lively.

This made the Shen family more embarrassed and suffering.

“Dad, what shall we do now?” Jian was going crazy at this moment.

Especially the strange gazes of the surrounding guests looking at his family made him fidgety.

And Taigong Shen was also bitter.

Do not know why!

Suddenly, he remembered the last engagement party. At that time, their Shen family also arranged for Elvira’s family in the worst place.

In the same way, it was their Shen family who watched the Elvira family and the Provincial No. 1 and others chatting happily.

And now!

It is the same situation now, but the person who is chatting with Elvira and her husband was replaced by the Shen family’s God of Wealth-Fei Changqing.

It’s almost an hour!

When everyone in the Shen family was suffering from sweat and could hardly hold it.

Only then did they see that everyone at Elvira’s table was eating and drinking, wiping the corners of their mouths.

This scene!

Let Taigong Shen and the others breathe a long sigh of relief, he quickly stood up, walked forward cautiously, and said to Fei Changqing:

“Mr. Fei, have you finished eating?”

“Look, it’s not too early, but many guests are waiting! Should we sign the contract now?”

The most important thing for the Shen family today is this billion-dollar super contract.

If the contract got signed, then the previous humiliation is nothing!

Hearing this!

Fei Changqing nodded:

“Yes! It’s time to sign!”

This sentence made Taigong Shen and all the Shen family amazed.

Just after that, Fei Changqing’s words made everyone struck like thunder lightning:

“On behalf of the Fei Group, I announce that the order for the eight pieces of business in the group with a total value of 100 million US dollars will be signed with Miss Elvira of the Bai Group!”

Sign a contract with Bai Group!


When Fei Changqing finished the announcement, all the voices in the entire banquet hall stopped abruptly.

Especially on the faces of the Shen family, their bright smiles completely froze.

Listen, got it wrong?

Taigong Shen, Jian, and others had a bad premonition in their hearts, and immediately quivered and asked:

“Fei… Fei Lao, you are wrong, we are the Shen Group, not the Bai Group!”

Hearing this, everyone looked at Fei Lao!

after all!

With whom to sign, this is not only related to the Shen family but also related to the vital interests of all the surrounding guests.

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