Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 295

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Chapter 295


Fei Changqing got confused. He glanced at the luxurious tables and chairs on the main location, looked at the dazzling array of precious snacks, fruits, and other things on it, and then he turned to look at Shaun’s side and found third class chairs and an empty table.

Fei Changqing’s complexion instantly turned ugly:

“Taigong Shen, don’t bother!”

That’s it!

Facing Elvira, Fei Changqing respectfully asked:

“Miss Elvira, I don’t know whether you allow it or not. Will I have the honor to sit down with you people?”


When this remark came out, the people around got shocked.

No matter it was the Shen family or many guests, they couldn’t believe their ears.

You know, the main seat is the noblest place in the banquet hall, and Shaun’s seat area is the most trash place.

Now, Fei Changqing even abandoned the best position, and instead asked to sit with Elvira and Shaun, what is this… how is it possible.

Elvira’s pretty face also showed deep consternation and disbelief.

She quickly stood up and said respectfully:

“Mr. Fei, please take a seat!”

After Elvira finished speaking, she was stunned to find that Fei and the others still didn’t take a seat. Instead, they are looking at Shaun with expectation and longing.

As if they are waiting for Shaun’s permission to sit down.

“No…impossible, I must have thought wrong!”

Elvira rubbed her eyes.

At this moment!

Shaun nodded insignificantly, Fei Lao and the others took a long sigh of relief, and then they took their seats.

“Sure enough, I was not wrong!”

After Elvira rubbed her eyes she saw Fei Lao was seated, she murmured with a wry smile.

At this moment, the Shen family and all the guests were stunned.

Old Fei sat beside Shaun and his wife and talked freely with Elvira and Shaun as if there was no one around.

As for Taigong Shen and others, they were in confusion to see this scene.

Suddenly, Taigong Shen, Jian, and others got embarrassed.

They were still standing next to Shaun’s table.

No place to sit down!

They can only stand awkwardly, listening to Shaun and others chatting and laughing.

It was until Taigong Shen’s backache got sore that he couldn’t hold it anymore, and he sat back in the main seat with Jian’s support.

However, he did not dare to neglect Fei Changqing.

At the moment, people hurriedly sent the meals and fruits from the main seat to Elvira’s table.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the entire banquet hall got extremely weird.

The table for Shaun and Elvira with the worst position became the main table, while the Shen family table, which was originally the main table, became the most embarrassing table.

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