Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 297

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Chapter 297


However, when everyone was most upset, Fei Changqing glanced at Taigong Shen then said with a playful expression:

“Sorry, the threshold of your Shen family is too high, our Fei Group is not worthy!”

“So, I temporarily decided to change my partner!”


When Fei Changqing’s words came out, many guests around were in an uproar.

It turned out to be true?

The contract object was changed from the Shen Group to the Bai Group, that is to say, the sky-high contract of 100 million US dollars that the Shen family was talking about was so in vain.

In an instant, all the guests around changed their expressions looking at the Shen family.

The contract flew, and the Shen family was useless for them, and now everyone looked at Elvira and Shaun fiercely.

Because in their eyes, the Bai Group is now their god of wealth!


Taigong Shen couldn’t bear this blow anymore, he lost his strength and fell to the ground.

How can my Shen family have a high threshold for the Fei Group?”

Taigong Shen’s head buzzed.

He could hear the mockery in Fei Changqing’s words.

It was saying that their Shen family was arrogant and partial, which made Fei Changqing change his mind.

The arrogance of my own family is only aimed at Elvira and Shaun, especially Shaun!


After thinking of Shaun, Taigong Shen’s body trembled:

“Yes! Shaun, it must be the bastard Shaun!”

Fei Changqing knows Shaun.

And the Shen family looked down on Shaun, so there was only one possibility that caused Fei Changqing to change his decision temporarily, and that was Shaun.

Thinking of this!

Taigong Shen looked at Shaun, wishing to eat him:

“Shaun, you…you are fine! You are fine…”

He was shaking with anger.

And seeing this scene, the rest of the Shen family still didn’t understand that the culprit of all this was Shaun, whom they hate the most.

All of a sudden, the Shen family yelled at Shaun.

especially, Zhou Xian jumped out at this moment, his face was still bruised, and the gaze looking at Shaun was full of hatred and madness:

“Shaun, you are simply not a human being. You fired me, and now you are here to destroy the Shen family!”

“I am going to beat you today!!!”

That’s it.

Zhou Xian didn’t know where he was, but he pulled out a fruit knife, and then went he rushed towards Shaun!



Zhou Xian at this moment completely lost his mind.

He was beaten by Shaun and also he ruined his great future.

And now, the Shen family who was relying on super contract lost it because of Shaun.

This brought Zhou Xian’s hatred towards Shaun to the extreme!

“I will kill you!!!”

Zhou Xian’s eyes were red and he went crazy, rushing to Shaun, and then raised the fruit knife to stab Shaun fiercely.

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