Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 328

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Chapter 328

It turned out that Zhan Hanxuan transferred the script to Bai Suyuan for his own rebate.

Bai Suyuan smiled An Ran lightly, Grace deliberately spoke ambiguously, misleading each other, it is not unwise.

The person in charge was really fooled, “Since Shao Xuan agreed to transfer the script to you, for your sincerity, let’s talk about it.”

Grace took out the contract from the bag, “Ms. Chen, it is better to hit the sun if you choose another day. Take a look at this contract. If there is no problem, sign it today. As you know, our Chairman Bai spoke. The filming of the film and television series must be started before the Golden Week-please be considerate of our difficulties and try to save us some time.”

The person in charge looked through the contract. The terms and conditions of the contract are more detailed than those of Zhan Hanxuan, and there are not as many overbearing terms as Zhan’s contract.

President Chen immediately stretched his brows and signed the contract.

After coming out of the Cultural City, Bai Suyuan praised Grace, “rose, you are simply an expert in negotiation.”

Grace said, “He is not stupid. Our contract pays more attention to mutual benefit than Zhan’s contract. Of course he is willing to sign with us.”

Bai Suyuan was a little curious, “How do you know the contents of Zhan’s contract?”

“Went around their intranet last night.” Grace said calmly.

But like a meteorite falling to Bai Suyuan’s heart, a large crater collapsed.

Afterwards, Bai Suyuan smiled evilly, “It seems that the time for the unbreakable alliance between the two Zhanbai two families is over.”

Grace smiled unclearly.

Bai Suyuan is a traitor to the Bai family, and he hopes that the Bai family will decline.

And she is a member of the Yan family, and their cooperation will only make the Zhanbai family worse.

Zhan Hanxuan’s handy script was cut by Bai Suyuan, and this incident caused quite a stir in the Zhan Family.

On the weekend, Jacob Yiyan brought three adorable treasures back to the tourmaline manor to visit the old man, and the old man deliberately talked to him about it.

“The script that Han Xuan and Xinghui negotiated was cut off by Bai Suyuan, Jacob, what do you think about this?”

Several other juniors in the Zhan Family were also very concerned about this sensitive topic, and looked at the older brother one after another.

Jacob only slowly fed Faith the grapes.

Because Mommy is not there, Jacob has given Faith extra care. As for Derek and Jason, they became stocked.

The faces of the people in the room looked as if they could not pull out their stools, and looked at Jacob gloomily.

In order to please the daughter of the ex-wife, who left out a house of dearest relatives?

“I want to know, what skill did Bai Suyuan use to steal Han Xuan’s script?”

Zhan Hanxuan crackled and told him about his encounter with Bai Suyuan.

He described Bai Suyuan’s female assistant in a very strong and colorful manner, “His female assistant blatantly provoked me and said that as long as there is no contract, everything is unknown.”

Jacob’s hand holding the grapes slightly stagnated, “What does it look like?”

Zhan Hanxuan has never had a feeling for women, “What else can she look like? Anyway, she has everything a woman should have!”

Jacob squinted at him, before Zhan Hanxuan dealt with it honestly, “Very beautiful, very sexy——”

Jacob said, “Height, fat and thin!”

“It’s about 1.8 meters tall, thin.”

The starlight in Jacob’s eyes fell.

Zhan Hanxuan added, “If you wear shoes that hate the sky, your real height may be about 1.6 meters.”

Jacob wondered, this girl was so daring, somewhat similar to Grace. I wonder if it’s her?

“I will meet her.”

The old lady was very happy, “I will be relieved if you go out.”

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