Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 329

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Chapter 329

The whole room was shocked: Jacob, who had always been cold-hearted to his younger siblings, actually offered to help Zhan Hanxuan manage his business?

This is really the sun coming out from the west.

Zhan Hanxuan thanked Dade and said, “Big brother, if you are on the move, you will surely give Bai Suyuan and his little helper who don’t know the heights of the sky will be frustrated.”

Jacob ignored him, and cautiously served his young ancestor Faith.

Palmer, who had not spoken all the time, finally spoke, but it was a repeat of the old saying, vaguely with a sharp edge, “Jacob, our Tourmaline Manor does not accept foreign blood, but you openly brought Faith into the Tourmaline Manor. You are blatantly despising the old man’s house rules!”

As soon as this statement was made, the atmosphere in the room instantly dropped to freezing point.

Palmer looked at Jacob with a smile. He reminded him that evasion is not the solution to the problem.

Jacob hugged Faith from his lap and gently rubbed Faith’s small head, “Go to the brothers to play, uncle and several grandpas to discuss something.”

Faith nodded obediently and ran out.

Jacob unhurriedly took out the tissues, wiped his hands clean, and then looked at Palmer in an imposing posture.

“In my uncle’s opinion, is it necessary for the blood outside the Zhan Family to return to Tourmaline Manor?”

Palmer touched the tip of his nose, “I just think the family rules should be treated equally. As for whether to modify the family rules, I can’t make the decision.”

Jacob turned his head and asked other people, “What’s the objection of the second uncle and the third uncle?”

Zhan Ting Lei and Zhan Ting Su looked at each other, “We have the same ideas as Palmer, and the family rules can be treated equally.”

This is clearly catching Jacob’s “wrong place” and forcing the Zhan Family Patriarch to modify the family rules.

In their opinion, since Jacob can bring foreigners into the tourmaline manor, why can’t their illegitimate children enter the tourmaline manor?

This is something they have struggled with the old man to no avail for decades. If there is a turnaround today, perhaps in the future, the children of the two-bedroom and three-bedroom will be able to get more involved in the Zhanjia’s enterprises and take away the power of Dafang.

Of course Jacob also understood the cunning minds of several uncles.

“Since the opinions of several uncles are unified, it is sufficient to determine that the family rules are treated equally, then I declare that the blood from outside cannot be returned to Tourmaline Manor.” Jacob said.

The uncles were shocked. Palmer said, “Jacob, aren’t you hitting the face by yourself? Since you think that the blood from outside can’t be returned to tourmaline, why does Faith specialize?”

Several uncles looked at Jacob triumphantly.

It’s rare to catch Jacob’s pigtails, how could they let go of this golden opportunity.

Jacob pulled out Faith’s genetic test form from the pre-prepared folder and threw it to Palmer.

“If you look at this, you will know if my Tongbao has any specialization.”

Palmer said word by word, “Gene test report…the father-son relationship is established!”

As if hearing the sound of foam breaking, Palmer shouted in disbelief, “How is this possible? Jacob, how many children do you have?”

After thinking about it, ZhanPalmerhui smiled, “Even if Faith is your daughter, she is also an illegitimate daughter.”

Jacob looked at him coldly, “she was born in the same year and the same day as Jas Derek, don’t you think?”

Palmer’s expression faded instantly. “One-child three treasures! This probability is all hit by you?”

The two uncles sighed secretly when they heard this.

The old man fell asleep with his head up in the chair, snoring evenly. It seems that he is determined to hand over the affairs of the Zhan Family to Jacob to take care of.

Jacob happened to be a ruthless master. He didn’t care about his uncle’s strong paternal love for other children. He used iron and blood to cut the connection between the illegitimate children and the Zhan family.

This made several uncles very dissatisfied with his domineering authority.

Jacob stayed in the tourmaline for a long time, considering that Jason had a special fear of the tourmaline manor and feared that his old illness would recur, so he left the old man and left.

Before leaving, the old lady asked him emotionally, “Jacob, we blocked half of the blood of the Zhan Family, right?”

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