Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 330

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Chapter 330

Jacob expected that his grandfather was old, and his heart was not as hard as before. He became soft and more humane.

“If grandpa regrets, grandson can take them back anytime.”

The old man waved his hand, “The children in the outer room have complicated minds. If they recognize their ancestors and return to the clan, I am afraid the children in the main room will not have a good life.”

Jacob smiled, “Grandson will take good care of several younger brothers.”

The old lady said, “You have this heart, I feel very pleased. It’s just that these children have learned from their parents and fought for fame and fame. You are good to them, they may not be grateful to you. The three-bedroom Hanxuan does not grow. It’s a simple one, just bring him out.”

Jacob said, “I see.”

On Monday, Zhan Hanxuan drove Ferrari to the Calendar Garden.

Today, he can be said to be present in full costume, wearing a red suit, and his already enchanting face is even more dimly set against the stars.

Derek, Jason and Faith were playing in the garden. Zhan Hanxuan whistled at them, “You little buns come over and tell me whether your second uncle is handsome today?”

The children gave him face and nodded.

Zhan Hanxuan just wanted to die, “Am I handsome or your daddy is handsome?”

Derek: “Second Uncle, you look very damn in this color.”

Faith: “Like a friend of women.”

Jason: “It seems that people don’t know you are g-a-y, you have to dress so obviously.”

Zhan Hanxuan Yu suddenly said, “Like your dad, the dog just can’t spit out ivory.”

Jacob didn’t know when to come out, “What are you doing?”

Zhan Hanxuan smiled attentively, “Brother, I know how much your nobles forget things, so I personally come to pick you up and go to the Bai family to help me take revenge.”

Jue Zhan Han looked at Zhan Hanxuan, “Take off your dog’s skin, talk about work and dress me more seriously.”

Zhan Hanxuan shouted bitterly, “Big Brother, don’t you be so staid! This color is very beautiful.”

Jacob said, “Go change clothes.”

Zhan Hanxuan wailed, “Jacob, why are you stiff like the old man?”

When Zhan Hanxuan came out wearing a silver-gray suit, Jacob nodded in satisfaction, “This is good.”

“Where is it? Just like the old man.”

Jacob said, “Send your nephew and niece to kindergarten.”

Zhan Hanxuan realized that he had been fooled, “Ah, it turns out that you made me dress so formal to send them to school? What about you?”

“Go and help you get the script back.”

Zhan Hanxuan: “…”

Zhan Hanxuan carried three adorable treasures and drove to Haitian Kindergarten. All the way, he kept talking, “Is your daddy an idiot? Since you go to Haitian kindergarten, why does he still live in this suburb where birds don’t lay eggs?”

Derek extended his voice: “Two-Uncle!”

“Damn, don’t call me the second uncle. It seems that I am very second.”

Jason: “It is worthy of the name.”

Zhan Hanxuan: “Sooner or later I will be pissed off by you.”

Derek said, “Second Uncle, after you send us to kindergarten, you can go to meet Daddy.”

Looking at his suit, Zhan Hanxuan suddenly understood what the big brother meant.

“Sure enough, knowing a father is like a son!”

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