Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 331

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Chapter 331

As soon as Jacob’s Rolls-Royce drove into the parking lot of Bai’s Central Building, Bai’s was boiling.

“I heard that we, Mr. Bai, did not know the heights of the sky and robbed the script of the script negotiated by the Zhan clan. Master Zhan will definitely come to the Bai clan today to ask the guilt.”

“Does Bai always eat the guts of the bear-hearted leopard? He even snatches food from the lion’s mouth? We President Bai is dead.”

“I seem to see the disaster of blood and light shrouded in the Central Building.”


Bai Suyuan stood in front of the window, looking at the Rolls Royce parked downstairs, with a calm face.

“Rose, guess why he came today?”

Grace was making coffee for him, and he didn’t even think about it and said, “We took the script of the Zhan clan. He should be here to ask the crime?”

Bai Suyuan turned his head and smiled, “I don’t think it is necessarily.”

Grace raised her eyes and looked at him, “Then what is he doing?”

There was a knock on the door…

Bai Suyuan gave Grace a wink, “He’s here.”

Grace was holding the freshly brewed coffee, her mind was momentarily messy, Qiang Zhen walked to the door and opened the door.

Jacob stood outside the door like a divine residence, with an inviolable temperament pouring out, and the originally loose atmosphere in the room instantly became suffocated.

Grace finally found a way to deal with him from her messy thoughts after being lost for a moment.

“This handsome guy is?” Deliberately squeezed a nympho smile at him.

She knew he hated women who took the initiative to post.

Jacob’s eyes were locked on Grace’s face, “rose?”

Grace smiled sweetly, “I didn’t expect you to know me, and it’s an honor.”

Jacob looked at Grace, with long curly hair and a big slap face, and her skin was white as jade. After grafting, her eyelashes were distinct, long and curled, and her pupils were round and round, looking radiant.

The one-shoulder tight-fitting shirt with navel, with wide-leg pants, the body is hot, beautiful and sexy.

Except for her slapped face, Xiaoman waist and Grace’s visual effects looked similar, he could not find Grace’s shadow on her body.

Grace was staring uncomfortably with his sharp gaze, turned around and walked towards Bai Suyuan with his coffee.

“President Bai, your coffee.”

Jacob’s long legs stepped forward, his seemingly calm pace, but easily passed Grace, and robbed her of the coffee.

Grace looked at the overwhelming Jacob, dumbfounded.

Jacob took a sip of coffee elegantly. Passed it to Bai Suyuan’s desk, and said, “Bai Suyuan, such a beautiful assistant who is used to do labor, is really a violent thing.”

Bai Suyuan smiled bitterly, “What Shao Zhan meant…”

Jacob looked at Grace, “Since Mr. Bai doesn’t know how to pity Xiangxiyu, it’s better to give it to me. I’ll give her up!”

Bai Suyuan smiled and said: “Zhan Shao has never been close to women, is this the sun coming out from the west today?”

Jacob’s eyes turned to Grace.

Grace was resistant in her heart, but she knew that if she showed no feeling for him, she would let him see through her identity.

After all, no woman in the Imperial City can resist his charm.

Except for her Grace.

Grace took a deep breath and gave it up. The whole person was like a mollusk without bones, and she affixed it to Jacob, “It turned out to be Shao Zhan? It’s not as famous as meeting. Is Shao Zhan more beautiful than the rumors?”

Grace’s slender fingers mischievously touched his sharp chin.

Jacob took her finger away, and before he wasn’t sure if she was Grace, he was unable to accept the touch of other women because of his sanity disorder.

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