Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 300

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Chapter 300

What happened.

Everyone was confused, however, something even more incredible happened for them.

Zhou Xian seemed to have reacted from the shock, and suddenly he rushed to Shaun and then kept knocking his head on the ground:

“Lin…Shaun, sorry, I was wrong before, please forgive me!”

“My lord, please have mercy”


At this moment, watching Zhou Xian kneeling and begging for mercy to Shaun, everyone like Taigong Shen and Shen Ling was completely petrified like a clay sculpture.

how is this possible!

Just in a short time!

How could Zhou Xian’s attitude change suddenly?

Elvira got completely confused.

She stared at her husband blankly, and once again felt that Shaun is mysterious and unpredictable.

“Are you regretting?”

At this moment, Shaun didn’t care about the shocking faces of everyone around him, he sneered and looked at Zhou Xian.

“Lin…Mr. Lin, I know that I was wrong, please, give me a chance!” Zhou Xian looked at Shaun, there was no bit of resentment and contempt like before. With deep excitement, regret, and panic.

Seeing this scene!

Shaun nodded, then turned straight and left.

When he left, a sentence resounded:

“I don’t want to see you again, leave Jiangshi!”

Leave Jiangshi!

Hearing this, Zhou Xian was not surprised at all, but he was relieved.

He knew that when Shaun will go, he will no longer hold himself accountable.

Otherwise, it only needs a word from Shaun, let alone Jiangshi, I am afraid there will be no place to hide at all.

“Thank you, Mr. Lin, thank you for forgiving!”

At this moment, Zhou Xian kept knocking his head as thanks to Shaun and others.


Seeing this scene of Elvira and Shaun leaving after signing a deal of a hundred million dollars with the Fei family, all the guests around are in sensation.

“Mr. Lin, this is Zhang Yixing from Zhang’s Jewelry Store. This is my business card. Can I treat you a dinner another day?”

“Miss Elvira, my surname is Zhou, and I belong to Rongmao Group. I hope to have further cooperation with your Bai Group!”


The complacency of these guests was full of noise.

It almost swarmed like a tide, escorting Shaun, Elvira, and others away.

The banquet hall of Shen’s family became empty again.


All gone!

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